Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More Proof That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots, The Holsteinischer Courier reports that a 4-year-old boy was raped by a 22-year-old Afghani asylum seeker in a bathroom at a migrant camp in the town of Boostedt, in the nothern German

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The Afghani man didn’t even try to hide the abuse, as he put his and the boy’s shoes outside the bathroom door. When the father saw the two pairs of shoes he opened the door and found his son, with his pants down. The Afghani said that he was “just helping the boy go to the bathroom.”
But when the child returned home, he told his mother that he was forced to perform oral sex on the man, which was confirmed by a DNA test.
To add to this– the man had an accomplice– a 29-year-old man tasked with “keeping watch” outside the door so that no one would see what was happening.

The boy’s older brother (eight-years-old) tried to intervene to protect his little brother but the man threatened him with a knife.
Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig of Germany’s Abuse Commission, stated that problem is so widespread that, “sexual assaults happen in all the refugee camps in Germany.”
As a result, the German government is spending 200 million euros to segregate women and children from male migrants.
The Ministry of Families, Seniors, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) is hoping that these newlyfunded projects will reduce the amount of sexual abuse. They’re even considering remodeling migrant homes to provide “safe spaces with extra security for women and children.”
Junior minister Ralph Kleindiekat remarked, “Unfortunately we know that children and women in the camps are not safe from abuse and sexual assault.”
He also said BMFSFJ was considering “not only measures regarding staff, but also structural measures need to be implemented such as lockable accommodation units and separate sanitary facilities.”

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