Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sheriff Clarke: 455 Murders in Chicago This Year Greater Then Coalition Deaths in Afghanistan Since 2013, Kaepernick, So You Claim To Stand With The People That Are Being Oppressed. So Who Oppressing, Who?

Commenting on the deplorable conditions in some of America's cities, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr.  said "progressive policies" were to blame and added that there have been 455 murders in Chicago so far this year, which is greater than the 270 coalition soldiers killed in Afghanistan since 2013. 
"You have almost twice as many people killed in the city of Chicago" than soldiers killed in Afghanistan, said Sheriff Clarke. "I don't see Obama going to Chicago to help out. Obama was in Martha's Vineyard, for Heaven's sake." 
On the Aug. 23 edition of Varney & Co., Sheriff Clarke discussed the situation of black Americans with host Stuart Varney.

he American ghetto has replaced the cotton fields, where Democrats have gathered blacks in these horrible, miserable conditions, all for political power," said the sheriff. 
“If you go back in history, and we’ve been – black people have been separated from their history," he said. "They traditionally voted Republican. It was Abraham Lincoln the Republican who freed the slaves. It was the Republicans in Congress who did the heavy lifting to get the Civil Rights Act passed, as well as the Voting Rights Act. The Democrats were against it."
"Lyndon Johnson had to appeal to Republicans even though the Democrats controlled both houses of Congress," said Sheriff Clarke.  "He didn’t have enough from the Democrats who stood in the way of the passage of those two important bills."
"So, once we reconnect black people with their history, which is what I’ve tried to do, their eyes will open and they’ll see that they’ve been hoodwinked by this monolithic voting for Democrats," he said. "Nothing has gotten better under Democrat control of the black vote."

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