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Riot-Plagued Baltimore Is a Catastrophe Entirely of the Democratic Party's Own Making

A few weeks ago, there was an election in Ferguson, Mo., the result of which was to treble the number of African Americans on that unhappy suburb’s city council. This was greeted in some corners with optimism — now, at last, the city’s black residents would have a chance to see to securing their own interests. This optimism flies in the face of evidence near — St. Louis — and far — Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco . . .
St. Louis has not had a Republican mayor since the 1940s, and in its most recent elections for the board of aldermen there was no Republican in the majority of the contests; the city is overwhelmingly Democratic, effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department. Baltimore has seen two Republicans sit in the mayor’s office since the 1920s — and none since the 1960s. Like St. Louis, it is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.
Philadelphia has not elected a Republican mayor since 1948. The last Republican to be elected mayor of Detroit was congratulated on his victory by President Eisenhower. Atlanta, a city so corrupt that its public schools are organized as a criminal conspiracy against its children, last had a Republican mayor in the 19th century. Its municipal elections are officially nonpartisan, but the last Republican to run in Atlanta’s 13th congressional district did not manage to secure even 30 percent of the vote; Atlanta is effectively a single-party political monopoly from its schools to its police department.
American cities are by and large Democratic-party monopolies, monopolies generally dominated by the so-called progressive wing of the party. The results have been catastrophic, and not only in poor black cities such as Baltimore and Detroit.

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Thanks for the amazing insight, Comrade Chris. Tingles Blames Baltimore Riots On . . . Right-To-Work States?

Right to work states, particularly those to the south of Maryland are partly to blame for today's rioting in Baltimore, Hardball host Chris Matthews suggested tonight as he wrapped an interview via satellite with former NAACP president and former Congressman Kweisi Mfume (D-Md.). 
I wish the jobs hadn't first gone south, congressman, because that's where they went first. And they went to the right-to-work states, you know where they went, where the unions didn't have any power. You could get people to work for nothing and the stuff wasn't that good that was made down there. But that was the first stop on the trip away [of jobs leaving the country]. 
Is Chris not aware that BMW,  Boeing, Volkwagen, Toyota, and Honda, just to name a few, are major companies with significant manufacturing operations in right-to-work states? Those companies don't come to mind when you think crappy products, and I'm pretty sure their blue-collar employees, many of whom repeatedly vote AGAINST unionization, are perfectly happy with their wages and benefits.
Moments earlier in the interview, Matthews lamented that the lack of plentiful blue-collar factory jobs in Charm City was "behind all of" the rioting: 
Where are we going to find manufacturing jobs, good old boys jobs, young men's jobs where you go to work, you come back a little dirty, a little sweaty, but you're proud of yourself for a hard day at the plant. My uncle, my grandfather grew up in north Philly. I was living there, the neighborhood's now African-American. But none of those jobs are there. They were there when I was there. You get on the subway, two stops away you had a real job.
You get into Baltimore, you can't find a job with a short commute. And that's, to me, the problem that's behind all of this. 
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Don’t worry, Baltimore. The Reverend Al is on his way.
Al Sharpton said Monday that he is going to visit Baltimore this week against the backdrop of violent riots and looting in the aftermath of the funeral of the late Freddie Gray.
“I have been asked by many in the Baltimore area since day one to get involved in the justice for Freddie Gray movement,” Sharpton said in a statement. “I will come to Baltimore this week at the invitation or Rev. Westley West, who has led vigils daily there, along with local clergy, and morning radio show host Larry Young who has headed our Baltimore chapter of NAN for the last decade.”
Sharpton wants to organize a two-day march next month to protest the death of Gray, who passed away from injuries after being seized by Baltimore police.
Seven police officers have been injured in the riots, with one officer unresponsive, as of 5:30 PM EST Monday. At least two police cars have been destroyed with one car set on fire, and a CVS and a check-cashing place have been looted. Demonstrators have been seen throwing rocks and bricks at police.
The White House is reportedly monitoring the situation in Baltimore.


MSNBC Guest: White Supremacy's Influence Doesn't Require Having a White Person Involved?

As I demonstrated last week, MSNBC and CNN, the two also-rans in the cable news race, survive in large part because about half of their revenues are, once contracts are signed with cable and other providers, guaranteed for several years. This insulates them from much of the financial impact of declining viewership.
MSNBC's far-leftism is particulary painful to watch — so painful that it's hard to imagine anyone other than a critic voluntarily watching it. One of the more egregious recent examples of far-left lunacy occurred this weekend on tax scofflaw Melissa Harris-Perry's show, where a guest actually said that "you don’t have to have a white person around to have white supremacy play out.” Thus, Baltimore's descent into lawlessness, despite having entirely black leadership, is still apparently whites' fault.
"Community organizer" Cherrell Brown, presciently prepping for the Baltimore riots of the past few days, made the statement just quoted. Here is a transcript (HT Rick Moran at PJ Media; video can be seen there):
MELISSA HARRIS-PERRY: “It feels to me like part of what’s happening here is — when I say biking while black, we talked about walking while black, in the case in the Freddie gray watching the video and seeing and hearing his agony I keep wondering is there no benefit of a doubt given to a black person in public space.
If that is true, if riding an expensive bike in black body inherently generates suspicion, then that is the new Jim crow. That’s what Jim crow was is that black bodies in public space are inherently suspicion.”
CHERRELL BROWN: “Yes. I want to mention two things — I think it’s so ingrained that you don’t have to have a white person around to have white supremacy play out.”
HARRIS-PERRY: “Just pause for a second. What you just said there is going to be difficult for some folks to hear because the discourse of white supremacy can often mean academic discourse. But for ordinary people sitting at home may say did she call all white people racist. So tease that out a little bit.”
BROWN: “I will do my best.”
HARRIS-PERRY: “I recognize that it’s hard on a TV show.”
BROWN: “With an institution like American policing that I believe is founded on anti-blackness, on slave patrols, there are things so institutionally ingrained in terms of how we police communities that are anti-black.
It will surprise absolutely no one, except perhaps Ms. Brown, that Encyclopedia Brittanica's entry on "Early police in the United States" contains no reference to slavery — nor does a page on "English and American policing in the late 19th century." To make sure she has her history right, because she seems to believe that blacks were slaves quite recently, slavery as a legal institution ended once and for all in the U.S. in 1865. I should also note for Ms. Brown's benefit that "the late 19th century" occurred after 1865.
American policing is thus not "founded on anti-blackness, on slave patrols," no matter what Ms. Brown wants to "believe."
Here's another thing: For the most part, police forces in countries throughout the world have developed very similarly as their nations became more urban in nature and industrialized. To buy into Brown's white supremacy nonsense, you have to believe that all of these diverse countries' police forces were built on a "white supremacy" model.
As to Baltimore, it wasn't a white mayor who told her city and the nation that she had to balance freedom of speech and the need for "space" to "destroy." Or did "white supremacy" mind control cause Stephanie Rawlings-Blake to make such an ignorant and dangerous remark? In a city where the power structure is predmoninantly black, how exactly did "white supremacy" make overwhelmingly black rioters loot and destroy?
MSNBC's dreck is so awful and so unwatched that it makes one wonder if ignoring them completely has become a viable option — especially considering the dangers to one's IQ involved in observing some of the things their hosts and guests say.
Not yet, unfortunately, because their hosts and guests still have unwarranted influence and an undeserved following among heavily-trafficked far-left blogs and outlets. Thus, the worst of their nonsense still needs to be called out.
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The article highlights a story from The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates, in which the author argues that protestor violence is an apt response to the violence perpetrated by police on residents of Baltimore throughout the years.
When nonviolence is preached by the representatives of the state, while the state doles out heaps of violence to its citizens, it reveals itself to be a con. And none of this can mean that rioting or violence is “correct” or “wise,” any more than a forest fire can be “correct” or “wise.” Wisdom isn’t the point tonight. Disrespect is. In this case, disrespect for the hollow law and failed order that so regularly disrespects the community.
In the wake of the destruction, other leftist publications such as Salon also got on the violence-against-police bandwagon, running a headline that reads, “Baltimore’s violent protesters are right: Smashing police cars is a legitimate political strategy,” which called non-violence a sometimes “futile tactic.”
The issue of police brutality, as in anywhere else in America or the world for that matter, is a problem in Baltimore. The city has paid out close to $5.7 million since 2011 to victims of police violence.
But the only logical response to riots, looting and destruction of private property is a more heavy-handed police crackdown, manifested in Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s recent decision to deploy the National Guard.
The Soros group knows this, and its social media sendouts illustrate how the foundation deliberately pours gas on the flames of civil unrest in order to “advance systemic change,” hoping to bring about their version of order out of chaos.
The Open Society Foundations, chaired and founded by Soros, was found to have contributed at least $33 million towards emboldening activists in Ferguson, Missouri, helping make the flawed “Hands up, don’t shoot” mantra ubiquitous.
Soros himself also admitted on CNN last year that a non-governmental organization he set up in Ukraine prior to its conflict with Russia “played an important part” in fomenting the events that destabilized the region.
While police violence on citizens of Baltimore is in no way justifiable, violent protests and attacks on police will merely serve to increase police forces and justify a militarized response.

Baltimore: Violence, Fire And Robbery As Crooks Set Upon Reporters

While we interviewed looters, gang-bangers and activists, criminals violently set upon us. Here the story of that chaotic night, and the events that led us to that frantic melee.
I was interviewing a group of rioters who were busy stealing an ATM machine at the intersection of North Fulton Avenue and West North Avenue. They initially agreed to speak with me, if I wouldn’t take any more pictures.
Below, is the last picture Harper was able to take:
But some other folks had a different idea, and while I was scribbling frantic notes, I was sucker punched in the face. You can see where the pen trails goes awry on the top line, when they hit me; my blood marks the page:
Connor Wolf's notebook, covered in blood. Photo by Grae Stafford.Connor Wolf’s notebook, covered in blood. (Grae Stafford/The Daily Caller)
My nose was broken and I was bleeding uncontrollably as the crowd surrounded me. Disorientated, I tried to get away but it wasn’t until I was able to push through the crowd that my crew of fellow reporters saw me and realized I needed help.
Grae Stafford, our crew leader and TheDC’s photographer, grabbed me when he saw what happened and led me across a street covered in fires, debris, crowds of looters and the twisted metal hulks of burnt-out cars. Harper, my fellow DCNF reporter, and Trey Yingst, a reporter from News 2 Share, were on hand to help.
Baltimore Riots (Photo: Grae Stafford / The Daily Caller)Fires burn in ravaged streets. (Grae Stafford/The Daily Caller)
As Harper used his phone to shine a light on my injuries, a young girl apologized: She and her crew were there only for the ATM — which they tore apart, but couldn’t get a dollar out of – and what they could find from shattered storefronts. But as she approached, violent thugs followed, including the crook who had broken my nose.
They seized Casey’s phone, loudly demanded our cameras and gear. We were being robbed, and the crowd around us was growing and becoming more violent.
I crouched and shined my iPhone’s flashlight onto Wolf’s bloody face as Stafford prepared bandages. Suddenly, a criminal snatched the phone from my hand. My heart sank as I turned to see him disappearing into a dozen masked, frenzied teenage rioters, shouting as they closed in on us.
“Come on, man!” I pleaded with my assailant. I noticed a white man about five yards away, menacingly pounding a hammer in the palm of his hand. He looked high on something violent. A young girl next to me called to him to give it back, when my robber stopped, turned, and started to move toward me again, telling me I had to delete all of my pictures, videos and notes– evidence of the violence he and his friends were visiting on their own neighbors. When he veered off again, seeming unsure of what to do, I turned back to check on Wolf.
Then I was hit: One of the thugs clubbed me across the right side of the head with a full bottle of liquor, fracturing my cheekbone and giving me a concussion. I fell to the ground, stunned and blacking out as my attackers pounced on me. A girl screamed.
Stafford moved quickly, pushing through the mob, grabbing my sleeve. “Get up!” he barked.
I stumbled to my knees, and he pulled me ahead, guiding me as I staggered through the riot.
As we turned the corner, the mob gave chase. Edgar Sandoval, a reporter from New York Daily News, came over, leading us to his nearby car. We piled in as quickly as we could, speeding off from the intersection police would later tell us was the most dangerous in the city that night. We made it several blocks before we were stopped by a line of police in full riot gear.
Baltimore Riots (Photo: Grae Stafford / The Daily Caller)Riot police line up in Baltimore. (Grae Stafford/The Daily Caller)
We climbed out of the car to assess our injuries. I was bleeding badly, but a delirious Casey looked worse.
Wolf lying on the hood of a car, while Yingst attends. Stafford, in a green cap, helps, while a dazed Harper looks on. (Joe Marino/New York Daily News)Wolf lying on the hood of a car, while Yingst attends. Stafford, in a green cap, helps, while a dazed Harper looks on. (Joe Marino/New York Daily News)
The police pointed us toward a safe hospital, where we would spend the night filing photos and videos from our remaining equipment under doctor observation.
That night, the city of Baltimore was dominated by vicious thugs. We had come to find the truth behind the protests, and indeed we had. Before we were faced with a city plunged into anarchy, we met those who sought answers through peaceful demonstrations.
We saw rival gangs, the Crips and the Bloods, together in the hopes of showing the police a message more powerful then violence. Though they were angry, they stood together to show their mistrusts in the justice system. That was the message they wanted the world to know and that was the message that was drowned out by savage violence.
Grae Stafford contributed to this report.

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Militant Progressives Message to America: Even Gays Will Be Made To Care

If you thought it would end with small town pizza parlors in Indiana and Oregon cake bakers, you would be wrong. The enforcement of militant liberal orthodoxy, having claimed a few scalps from moderate-income Christian business owners, now sets its sights even higher.
Our Editor Erick said over two years ago that “You Will Be Made To Care” and most people thought he was speaking just to evangelical Christians. Who would have guessed such a short time ago that the leftist thought police had much bigger plans in store. Everyone, and I mean everyone, will be brought to heel.
The story goes like this. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is the mainstream media’s boogey man, we all know that. So it was with shock, awe and a healthy dose of condescension that the New York Times published this piece about the Senator attending a dinner at the home of two gay guys in New York City last Monday. By all accounts, the event was not a fundraiser, but an opportunity to discuss mainly foreign policy.
This may come as a shock to some, but gay people do have interests outside the issue of gay marriage. Many are business people who care about lower taxes and less government, and many conservative gays think some sort Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage is as close to a fait accompli as we are likely to see in our lifetime. The are concerned with other issues as well, and are looking for a candidate that can lead America toward a bright future.
Many of those in attendance were particularly interested in Senator Cruz’s position on Israel and America’s relationship with the Middle East. The conversation got around to social issues, and the Senator reiterated his belief that marriage should be left up to the states. He also said he would love his daughter no different is she turned out to be gay, and called attention to his friendship with and political support from gay billionaire Peter Thiel.
But is speaking eloquently about his love for his children and friendships with prominent gay businesspeople enough? Not by a long shot, not even close. The ink wasn’t dry on the article before militant liberal gays were using social media to demand ANOTHER boycott, this time of the businesses owned by the gay hosts. Mind you, they are fully supportive of gay marriage, but committed the Democrat original sin of merely associating with ‘the other’, giving the Senator a fair hearing on other issues, and for that, punishment…swift and severe.
Weren’t we all taught to always be gracious in victory? The gay left is now so intolerant that it turns itself on members of its own community, cannibalizing those who dare respect differences in belief and embrace independent thought. They have become the Mongol hordes.

Gay Marriage: A Progressive Left Trojan Horse Movement. The Progressive Left Does Not Care About Right. All The Progressive Left Care About One thing And One Thing Only: Their Power.

The Left doesn’t care about gay rights, any more than they care about civil rights, welfare rights, minority rights, animal rights or any other “rights.” According to the Left, “the issue is never the issue; the issue is always the revolution.” The various “rights” the Left has aggressively promoted over the years are merely vehicles to advance the Left’s power.

Consider: the welfare “rights” movement, founded by the notorious socialists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, was not established to guarantee welfare to the poor. As they said, their purpose was to pack the welfare rolls with so many beneficiaries that the government would collapse of its own weight. In the ensuing riots, they hoped policy makers would be driven to accept their socialist solution. In short, they sought anarchy, using a militant poor as their foot soldiers. They couldn’t care less what happened to the poor in prosecuting this agenda, and they said so. Doubt me? Just look at the status of the poor today. There are more people on welfare than at any time in history. And the crime and degeneracy that accompany it are epidemic.

Look at our country today. With manufactured crisis Strategist-in-Chief Obama, we are almost there, and Cloward and Piven’s intellectual descendants were out in force in Ferguson. The communist agitators seeking “social justice” for Michael Brown burned down much of the neighborhood. Do black lives matter to them? Apparently not. And they have even said so. The issue is not the issue.

Occupy Wall Street’s black anarchist organizer Nelini Stamp’s new group, Dream Defenders, popularized the slogan “Hands Up Don’t Shoot!” But prior to Ferguson there was Trayvon Martin. Working with Eric Holder’s DOJ, Stamp’s group was responsible for getting Sanford, Florida police chief Bill Lee fired. This despite the fact the FBI agreed with Lee’s assessment that there was no case against Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman. Did Stamp care about “Justice for Trayvon?” Not according to Stamp. “We are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today, because it’s not working for any of us,” she said.

The Left uses “rights” agendas to wrap itself in the mantle of righteousness and seize the moral high ground, tactically putting us on the defense in the process. But they couldn’t care less about the actual issue except in its ability to facilitate their path to power.

The agenda is never the agenda for the Left. And this is especially true for gay marriage. Homosexual marriage is a Trojan horse tactic. The true agenda is to establish the primacy of homosexual rights over the First Amendment’s guarantee of the free exercise of religion. Our nation was founded on this principle, and the gay marriage movement seeks to destroy it.

Consider that Annise Parker, the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas, demanded to review pastors’ church sermons before public outrage forced her to back off. We have already seen how small businesses have been singled out and attacked for refusing to provide certain services to gays.

What is less known is that these gay couples are frequently part of the movement. They deliberately seek out businesses known for their Christian owners. They deliberately demand a service they know in advance will be refused. When the inevitable happens they use it as pretext to destroy the business and savage its owners. Doesn’t it amaze you how quickly legal groups immediately materialize to assist in the attack? The fact that they got unexpected push back through a spontaneous crowd sourcing campaign to support one pizza shop will not dissuade them from future efforts. If gay marriage is adopted, their current bullying behavior will look like child’s play compared to what’s coming.

This is a highly organized, nationwide campaign of vilification against Christians. But even Christians are not the ultimate target. If the First Amendment can be challenged this way; if a certain group’s “rights” can trump the U.S. Constitution, and if the Supreme Court can actually issue an edict making it so, then the entire Constitution has become meaningless. This is the Left’s true agenda and it always has been. This is the Cultural Marxists’ endgame. The issue is not the issue. The issue for them has always been destroying our country to impose socialism -- with them in charge, of course. In order to do that they have to strip America of its culture, its traditions, and most importantly, the most important law of the land, the U.S. Constitution.

We are almost there. Well-meaning liberals and even some conservatives who support the gay marriage agenda are unknowingly committing an act of betrayal against their own country. If the gay marriage agenda wins, those other rights guaranteed by the Constitution will immediately be at risk. Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America will be complete. Everyone in our country, including gays, will find all our rights summarily stripped. And if the gay lobby wants to see what that looks like for them, they should turn to Cuba, Russia or North Korea for their inspiration. It will not go well for them. The Left does not care about your rights. They care about one thing and one thing only: their power.

I recently gave a presentation on cultural Marxism at the National Press Club. You can watch it on YouTube, here. It’s about 35 minutes long. It was part of the latest Cliff Kincaid press conference. I have attended and reported on many of them on these pages over the years. Keynote speaker was former presidential and senatorial candidate, AmbassadorAlan Keyes, a brilliant orator and Harvard-trained intellectual powerhouse who clearly explained what is at stake. His logic and legal reasoning was flawless and irrefutable. Following his act was quite a challenge. Also in attendance were Matt Barber of Barbwire, and Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth. But together we painted a picture of what the true gay rights agenda looks like.

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