Monday, November 28, 2016

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Social Justice Warrior.s Melt Down!

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Social Justice Warrior.s Owned

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SJW, BLM & Feminism Cringe Compilation 2016



CRAZY SJW lecturer threatens student... BACKFIRES SPECTACULARLY!

Social Justice Warriors vs Logic (#4)

Saturday, November 26, 2016

This Black Trump Supporter’s ‘Apology’ To Liberals Is HILARIOUS

How liberal PC America created Trump

Maher: Trump won because of PC liberals


Radio Traffic - Battle Creek, Michigan Woman Dead Five Days After Abortion

Published on Jul 12, 2016

July 7, 2016, emergency radio traffic from Battle Creek, Michigan, related to the death of a woman, Cree Erwin, just 5 days after her abortion. Read more about it here:

Bakersfield, Californian Abortionist Calls 911 For 'Lifeless' Patient - We just need someone now!

With Wife Suffering Abortion Complications, Husband Makes Desperate 911 ...

Little Rock 911: Abortion staffer tells pro-lifer: "She would have died ...

Rude Abortionist Calls 911 for 2nd Trimester Abortion Complication

911-Ohio Abortion Patient Not Breathing At All Dies

One Patient Mistreated Another Hospitalized at Bakersfield Abortion Busi...

Why I'm Not A Feminist

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Being Transgender: An Impossible Fantasy

LGBT AGENDA IS OUT OF CONTROL! Former Transgender Blows Lid off NWO Oper...

Exposing Transgender Lies: Why I Do What I Do


Transgender/Genderfluid Cringe Compilation (SnowFlake)



Obama's Private Army

Little Boy and Little Girl kisses And Start Love Meaning That They Gone Thought Puberty Got Opposite Sex Attraction Like Ever Else Dose. Gender Identity , Debunk Again

Things Girls Do When They Have A Crush! On A Boy? Look Like Gender Identity, IS M.I.A Here?

How To Tell If Your Crush Likes You, Gender Identity, Dose This How?

How To Get A Boyfriend In Elementary, Here We See Going Thought Puberty And Getting Opposite Sex Attraction, Like Ever Else Dose.Gender Identity, Go Under The Bus

HOW TO GET A BOYFRIEND IN SCHOOL!!! Look Like A Lot Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Going On Here? Gender Identity, Fry Like Baconing.

Friday, November 18, 2016

DEBUNKED: 7 MYTHS You Still Believe About EVOLUTION | Matthew Santoro

Evolution scientifically debunked!

Evolution The Greatest Lie EVER Told !!! Evolution Debunked by White Rab...

Darwinism's Downfall: Evolution Debunked

Ph.D. scientists debunk evolution!

Refuting Textbook Arguments for Evolution

Evolution and Logical Fallacies | Exposing Weaknesses in the Chain of Re...

Problems With The Theory Of Evolution

The Salt is Strong with This One!

Evolution Refuted In 2.5 Minutes

Evolution Is Based on a Logical Fallacy & Can Not Be Proven, But Claim, That Gender Identity, Can Be Proven?

Proof: DNA Refutes Evolution, So D.N.A Should Refute Gender Identity?

Megan Faux: Expert Evolutionary Biologist exposes the Fallacy of Evolution

If Evolution Is True, Is Rape Wrong? Do Want Rape, Don't Get One, Get A Gun.

Creationist Ray Comfort: Stephen Hawking Is A Fool

Creationists: Atheism Is 'Intellectually Embarrassing'

The Atheist Delusion Official Trailer (2016) HD

Atheists Watch Ray Comfort's The Atheist Delusion

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Homosexual Manifesto, A Gay Christian Vs Gay Atheist?

Tell me all about Wrong Sex Marriage, it all about the sex act in the marriage bed. so let look again , Hebrews 13:4 Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefined, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous, yes the marriage bed is very undefined right now, but i am talking about gay's here, they make it far worse, because of there sex act.

How what dose it mean sexually immoral? so i will ask question? gay's claim to be christian's, so what the difference between A Gay Christian and a Gay Atheist, when the sex act is the the same, two men and two women? there is no difference , there the same person,, there a gay atheist masquerading as a christian, it there job to infiltrate ranks of church's and carry out Michael Swift's plan, for the gay over thrown of this nation and world.

All homosexuals must stand together as brothers; we must be united artistically, philosophically, socially, politically and financially. We will triumph only when we present a common face to the vicious heterosexual enemy.  All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked. Instead, legislation shall be passed which engenders love between men? 

Tremble, hetero swine, when we appear before you without our masks?

Countering the Leftists false view of Conservatives - Stratosphere Loung...

How and When did the Left Hijack the term 'Liberal' - Stratosphere Loung...

Big Lie Edition - Born Gay - Stratosphere Lounge Ep 98

Why are They Killing in Chicago

The Gay Lie

The Big Gay Lie

Social Justice Warriors vs Logic (#2)

Why Social Justice Warriors Are So DEMENTED

Stupid Butt-Hurt Millennials

SJW Generation Snowflakes vs The Russian Bear

Another Liberal Triggered: Are You Kidding Me?

A Crying Shame - Special Snowflake Meltdown

Dear Snowflake Millennials...NOW WHAT?

Sensitive Thin-skinned younger generation “Generation Snowflake”

Generation Snowflake - MGTOW

Clint Eastwood slams millennials and PC culture

Clint Eastwood Calls Millennials "The Pussy Generation"


"Generation Snowflake": A Introduction to Social Marxism

Generation Snowflake

Generation Snowflake Triggered By A Joke

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Social Justice Warrior Politically Correct Agenda vs Freedom of Speech

Image result for Social Justice Warrior Are Idiots
Image result for Social Justice Warrior Are Idiots
Image result for Social Justice Warrior Are Idiots
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Image result for Social Justice Warrior Are Idiots

Social Justice Warrior Are Idiot's Again.

 Image result for Social Justice Warrior Are Idiots

What in the hell, is all this gender is gender-that, gender-,gender-,gender-gender-gender-gender-, we do not talk about gender-, we talk about human male's and human female's, Man Women, Boy's, Girl,s Boy Friend And Girl,s Friend's, Boy Love Real Girl's And Real Girl,s Love Real Boy's, and Real Men Love Real Women, And Real Women Love Real Men, gender? L.M.A.O Proving Again, That Social Justice Warrior Are Idiot's Again.

Ever One Born With Opposite Sex Attraction Until Some-One lied To Them ,What GIRLS Do That Makes GUYS Weak In The Knees

Ever One Born With Opposite Sex Attraction Until Some-One lied To Them ,What GUYS Do That Makes GIRLS Weak In The Knees

Ever One Born With Opposite Sex Attraction Until Some-One lied To Them ,First Dates Tips GIRLS Wish Every GUY Knew!

Ever One Born With Opposite Sex Attraction , Until Some-One Lied To Them , The Crazy Thing Guys Do To Attract Girls

Monday, November 14, 2016

Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #1

SJW CRINGE COMPILATION (Special Snowflake Edition) #2


Social Justice Warriors targeted by 'ex-military' sniper

Social Justice Warrior Takes Stupid To New Level

Trevor Noah: People voted for Donald Trump because they’re racist and sexist? L.M.A.O, Take Sexist? And Remove The ist, What Do you Have Sex? Why Did They Add Ist To Sex?

 Image result for sure they are meme

According to Trevor Noah, host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” Americans turned out in droves to vote for businessman Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton because they’re racist and sexist.
Noah’s comments came Monday during an interview on “CBS This Morning.”

“The biggest thing I’ve seen is America is not as immune to the ills of the world as I thought it was,” Noah began. “You know, I think a lot of the world is disappointed in America because America is that beacon, is that lighthouse, a bastion of democracy.”

“I think it’s sad we are now living in a place where we are normalizing and moving on so quickly from two glaring truths that were part of what happened in the election,” Noah continued, saying he acknowledges the concerns of working-class voters, which overwhelmingly favored Trump this election.

But, Noah continued, “there are people who put two things above everything else, and that is whiteness and that is also sex and misogyny.”

Noah went on to explain that he believes Clinton has been a victim of misogyny her entire life, and given her political experience, she likely would have been president if she were a man.

L.M.A.O At Social Justice Warrior And ‘Misogynist ? What Are Social Justice Warrior Looking For A Massage Parlor? L.M.A.O Proving Time And Time Again, That Social Justice Warrior Will Ever Stop Being Idiot's

Image result for massage parlor human trafficking
Image result for Obama kill whitely

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Ted Cruz, Defund Planned Parenthood!

Image result for Ted Cruz defund  Planned Parenthood

Socialist Politician Calls For National Shut Down On January 20th, But Blame Ted Cruz and His Government Shutdown? Over Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood?

 Image result for Ted Cruz and  Planned Parenthood?

 John Boehner probably isn’t the only member of Congress who’d like to curse out Ted Cruz on national television. The senator has been clamoring for another pointless government shutdown, this time over federal funding for Planned Parenthood, but on Monday night the Senate moved to keep the government funded — at least for the next few months.

One such politician is councilwoman Kshama Sawant of Seattle.  Sawant believes that the anti-Trump sentiment in this country is just beginning to flourish, and she is walking a very fine line with the laws regarding inciting a riot with there latest plan of action.
“Sawant is encouraging demonstrators to shut down Trump’s inauguration in January. Here’s what to know about Sawant’s call for protests.

“In a packed post-election rally at Seattle City Hall on Wednesday afternoon, Socialist councilmember Kshama Sawant called for a massive protest on Wednesday night and a nationwide shutdown on Inauguration Day in response to president-elect Donald Trump.

“I appeal to you, [Wednesday] at 4 o’clock, at Westlake [Park], let’s have a massive protest, and tell America we do not accept a racist agenda,” Sawant said. “And let’s make sure on Inauguration Day … let’s do a nationwide shutdown.”
Sawant has been a rabble-rouser in the past, with an arrest record stemming from a protest over the minimum wage of airline workers in 2014.  The far left councilwoman has yet to meet with authorities over what could be construed as instigating a riot.
Image result for Cnn The clown news network

Cnn The Clown New Network:

Image result for Cnn The clown news network
Image result for cnn are liars
Image result for cnn are liars
Image result for cnn are liars

November 23, 2014 - Speaker designate Ira Hansen withdrawing from position ,Being Gay Is Bad For You?

After Assembly Speaker-designate Ira Hansen, R-Sparks, was confronted with sexist, misogynist and racist writings from his days at the Sparks Tribune, he apologized by saying that was a long time ago.
“I am deeply sorry that comments I have made in the past have offended many Nevadans. It is unfortunate that these comments, made almost 20 years ago as a newspaper columnist and talk radio host, have been taken out of context and are being portrayed as intentionally hurtful and disrespectful,” Hansen wrote.
Hansen started writing for the Sparks Tribune in 1994, and continued through 2010. (That wasn’t all that long ago, by the way. Hansen, who was born in 1960, was 34 when he began writing for the Tribune, old enough to know better.)
But maybe things have changed from between 20 to four years ago, right?
Apparently not.
I’ve obtained a letter Hansen wrote May 21, 2013, on his official state letterhead, to oppose a Senate resolution that seeks to repeal the state constitution’s ban on gay marriage and legalize gay marriage in Nevada. And let’s just say he doesn’t exactly take a progressive position on the subject. (The letter is linked below.)

Image result for the democrat the party of slavery
Image result for the democrat the party of slavery
Image result for the democrat the party of slavery
Image result for the democrat the party of slavery

L.M.A.O, So Pot Head, losi, it come Back to bite you in the ass, L.M.A.O

Image result for Pelosi 'Swamp'?

In 2006 Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP 'Swamp'?, L.M.A.O, So Pot Head, losi, it come Back to bite you in the ass, L.M.A.O

Image result for Pelosi 'Swamp'?

Trump Draining The Swamp The Recall, Who Say That First, In 2006 Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP 'Swamp'?, L.M.A.O, So Pot Head, losi, it come Back to bite you in the ass, L.M.A.O

Image result for Pelosi 'Swamp'?

Trump Draining The Swamp The Recall, Who Say That First, In 2006 Pelosi Says She Would Drain GOP 'Swamp'?, L.M.A.O, So Pot Head, losi, it come Back to bite you in the ass, L.M.A.O

Image result for Pelosi 'Swamp'?

House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi is thinking 100 hours, time enough, she says, to begin to "drain the swamp" after more than a decade of Republican rule.

As in the first 100 hours the House meets after Democrats _ in her fondest wish _ win control in the Nov. 7 midterm elections and Pelosi takes the gavel as the first Madam Speaker in history.
Day One: Put new rules in place to "break the link between lobbyists and legislation."
Day Two: Enact all the recommendations made by the commission that investigated the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Time remaining until 100 hours: Raise the minimum wage to $7.25 an hour, maybe in one step. Cut the interest rate on student loans in half. Allow the government to negotiate directly with the pharmaceutical companies for lower drug prices for Medicare patients.

Broaden the types of stem cell research allowed with federal funds _ "I hope with a veto-proof majority," she added in an Associated Press interview Thursday.

All the days after that: "Pay as you go," meaning no increasing the deficit, whether the issue is middle class tax relief, health care or some other priority.

To do that, she said, Bush-era tax cuts would have to be rolled back for those above "a certain level." She mentioned annual incomes of $250,000 or $300,000 a year and higher, and said tax rates for those individuals might revert to those of the Clinton era. Details will have to be worked out, she emphasized.

"We believe in the marketplace," Pelosi said of Democrats, then drew a contrast with Republicans. "They have only rewarded wealth, not work."

"We must share the benefits of our wealth" beyond the privileged few, she added.
Pelosi, 66, has been a leader of the House Democrats since 2002. But her political apprenticeship dates to childhood, when her father was mayor of Baltimore.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

PBS Host: 'America Showed Its True Colors... Hatred And Revenge.' But Tavis Smiley Had No Problem With Obama In 2012, "Voting Is The Best Revenge, On Mitt Romney?

 Image result for Obama voting is the best revenge."

Tavis Smiley has built a career mastering the Leftist art of constantly preaching about healing the racial divide, while in the very next breath stoking the fires that keep it burning. Obama, Van Jones, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and countless others have made millions doing the same thing, and a Trump presidency, it seems, will only give them more fuel to pour on the flames and fatten their pockets.

Case in point, Smiley sat down with MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell on Wednesday to discuss the shock and awe of liberals digesting the reality of a president-elect Donald J. Trump. Spoiler alert: Of course they think it's because America and Trump are racist. It seems they haven't figured out that slinging that word at anyone with a differing opinion is HOW WE GOT A PRESIDENT TRUMP IN THE FIRST PLACE. But, keep it up boys, maybe you can turn the entire continent of North America red.

In the clip (below), O'Donnell asks Smiley what he thinks about Obama's post-election speech where he said, "We're not Democrats first. We're not Republicans first. We're Americans first. We are patriots first. We all want what's best for this country. That's what I heard in Mr. Trump's remarks last night. That's what I heard when I spoke to him directly."

Smiley tells the host, "What I saw last night was not red, white and blue as he [Obama] would have us believe from his remarks earlier today. Love and justice lost last night. Hatred and revenge won last night."

Chris Matthews Says What Everyone's Thinking About the Social Justice Warrior Hysterical Protests, L.M.A.O This The Guy Who Like Calling Obama Critics Racist

 Now and then MSNBC host Chris Matthews manages to utter some truth. In a discussion Thursday about the increasingly extreme protests of the fair, democratic election of Donald Trump, Matthews pointed out that all the students taking to the streets to protest Trump don't seem to have much of a message.

As the Daily Wire has chronicled, protests are springing up on college campuses across the country, including at the University of California, San Diego, the University of Texas, and at Cornell, where students are holding "cry-ins" to mourn the fact that their preferred candidate did not win. Matthews invited some guests from the left and right onto Hardball Thursday to discuss the nationwide social justice warrior protests.

November 11, 2016

Social Justice Warrior of Generation Cupcake:

To put it crassly, nothing motivates a man better than getting laid, especially when that man is in his late teens through late thirties. Men will do anything, risk anything, pay anything for a piece of tail – just ask Gen. David Petraeus, former Congressman Anthony Wiener and President Bill Clinton. I have followed women across continents, done deeply embarrassing and stupid things, and even built a career and sobered up because of a woman. Women are great motivators, or at least they were. Now I’m not so sure.

I look at the women in Generation Cupcake, the latest generation to follow the selfish Baby Boomers, the cynical and sarcastic Gen-Xers and the Millennials (what are they known for other than coming of age after Y2K?) and I feel sorry for straight young men today. No wonder they aren’t having sex as some studies have found if women like Sandra Fluke and Senator-elect/Squaw Elizabeth “Whines with Fist” Warren represent the state of feminism these days.

I’ll admit I’m old fashioned. I expect women to work and make at least as much as I do if not more. They don’t have to handle the housework, cooking or child rearing I’ll handle that – as well as spider-removal duty, fixing anything that breaks around the house and maintaining the cars. I realize that while men are smart enough to cook women are obviously not mechanically inclined as proven by number of great chefs and dearth of female mechanics and pest control workers. But a woman can whip up a Gantt Chart just as good as any man, and lawyering and doctoring? Well I’m married to a doctor – a good one I might add – and have hired female attorneys who were just as much sharks as mob defense attorneys.

But I am a feminist of sorts. I was born in a household full of women; there was so much estrogen in the air I’m still amazed I made it out of the house straight. To me feminism means independence and self-reliance two attributes that were missing from the traditional view of women. Yet while these attributes are key to adulthood but have evidently been lost by today’s women. Instead of independence they have become dependent on their parents and the government for support. Likewise self-reliance is lost and they are forced to doing what any kid does when he wants something that he can’t get himself: he whines.

Sandra Fluke whined for someone to buy her the Pill; Warren whined for a senate seat. Both got what they wanted and are content for now, but both lack the ability to set a goal and reach it independently. They will want something else and they will whine and stamp their feet until someone provides it to them.

Image result for cupcake generation definition

Is this what the suffragettes fought for? Is this what the thousands of women who worked in munitions plants supporting their sons and husbands fighting in World War 2 suffered for? Is this what women want, to be coddled by proxy-parents like rich men or the government?

That isn’t freedom, it’s living in a cage albeit a gilded one where your parents buy your wine and your government pays for your pills. It’s like the most selfish generation of people unleashed on this country, the Baby Boomers, have spawned a generation even worse than them. Luckily I’ve raised a son who got so turned by women that he’s found other pursuits that aren’t “psycho” or “selfish” the way he puts it. The neuroticism and selfishness displayed by girls his age is good news for a parent who isn’t keen on seeing his son sexually active at a young age, but I can’t help but wish that women his age were a little more free and “normal.” Women can be inspiring creatures when they are mature and sane, but the women of Generation Cupcake clearly are neither.

Social Justice Warrior Meltdown,Protesters Go Berserk!

Social Justice Warrior Meltdown, Trump Protesters Go FULL RETARD MODE - Nationwide Social Justice Warrior Meltdown Protests...

SJW React To Hillary Lost Compilation

SJW Feminist FURIOUS About Hillary Election Lost!

Feminists MELTDOWN butthurt by Hillary Lost.

Social Justice Warrior Snow Flake Miley Cyrus Crying (video)|Miley Crying after Donald Trump won

The Social Justice Warrior Meltdown

Stop the insanity!
Days after Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the presidency, liberal America remains in the throes of a massive mental and emotional meltdown.
Anti-Trump protests have spread to more cities and continue to turn violent. In Portland Thursday night, rioters stoned police and vandalized businesses and cars.
Anyone expressing support for Trump has become the target of unrestrained venom: There are calls to boycott New Balance — its sneakers have been publicly burned — because an official said Trump would be better on trade issues.
Meanwhile, the CEO of Grubhub, the online food-delivery service, demanded that employees who agree with Trump resign, because “you have no place here.” (He had to retreat: His lawyers read him the First Amendment and noted that political discrimination also violates California law.)
This is just vicious stuff. But for pure pathos crossing into the absurd, we turn (as usual) to the college campus. Consider:
  •  The University of Michigan offered its traumatized students coloring books and Play-Doh to calm them. (Are its students in college or kindergarten?)
  •  The University of Kansas reminded its stressed-out kids that therapy dogs, a regular campus feature, were available.
  •  Cornell University, an Ivy League school, held a campus-wide “cry-in,” with officials handing out tissues and hot chocolate.
  •  Tufts University offered its devastated students arts and crafts sessions. (OK, not kindergarten — more like summer camp.)
  •  At campuses from elite Yale to Connecticut to Iowa and beyond, professors canceled classes and/or exams — either because students asked or because instructors were too distraught to teach.
Anarchist-fueled violence and destruction can’t be tolerated. Nor should corporate (or anti-corporate) temper tantrums that blatantly violate free-speech rights.
Collegiate sobbing and wailing, on the other hand, shouldn’t be tolerated — especially not by the parents who are shelling out tens of thousands of dollars to pay for it.
And they all should consider that their reaction to Trump’s win goes a long way towards explaining precisely why he did.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty
Image result for liberal  Poverty

Yesterday Poverty Lead To Welfare, Today Welfare Promotes Poverty

Image result for liberal  Poverty

Southern Poverty Law Center Facing ‘New Reality,’ Calls Trump Advisers ‘Far-Right Extremists’ I Got One Message For Southern Poverty Law Center See The Pic

Image result for flip the bird

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), an organization that has been praised by Obama’s Justice Department for combating “domestic extremism” and designates groups on a “Hate Map” including some controversial listings of conservative groups, reacted Wednesday to the news of President-elect Donald Trump’s win calling it a “new reality.”

“Today, we’re facing a new reality – a president-elect who has denigrated people because of their race, their religion, their ethnicity, their gender, and more,” SPLC President Richard Cohen wrote. “Our mission is to hold Donald Trump to what he is saying now – that he will be a president for all Americans and that he will work to bind the wounds of division, wounds that his own words have caused.”

“During his campaign, Mr. Trump named far-right extremists as advisers,” Cohen claimed, linking to an article calling Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) a “key politician in the anti-Muslim movement” and citing Sessions’ opposition of President Obama’s plan to resettle Syrian refugees as a reason for this label.

Cohen also claimed that Trump “re-circulated racist and anti-Semitic tweets, gave press credentials to a white supremacist radio host, and refused for months to disavow David Duke after the neo-Nazi endorsed him.”

“Tomorrow, and every day in the future, we’ll fight for the rights of the most vulnerable people in America – those victimized by bigotry and discrimination,” Cohen wrote. “We hope Mr. Trump truly means what he says about reaching out to all Americans. But there is one group we hope he disappoints – the extremists who flocked to his candidacy and found in him a voice for their bigotry.”

The statement also cited post-election resources the SPLC is providing to teachers, including that teachers prepare “to engage in difficult conversations surrounding the various topics—racism, civil rights, immigration and so forth—that the election has raised.”

“Now, white nationalists and the alt-right are celebrating his victory,” Cohen concluded. “If he means what he says, Mr. Trump must make absolutely clear to them that neither their ideas nor anyone affiliated with them will have any influence or voice in his administration. That is the first thing he must do to begin binding the wounds of division that his campaign has caused.”

The SPLC’s Hate Map lists the conservative Family Research Council (FRC) as a “hate group” because of its opposition to same-sex marriage. The “hate map” was cited by convicted domestic terrorist Floyd Lee Corkins as the way he found the FRC in his 2012 attack on the FRC in when he shot and wounded a security guard before being subdued.

Triggering Warning? So Your Telling Me, That Social Justice Warrior, Want To Shot A Gun? L.M.A.O, Social Justice Warrior Are Idiot's

Image result for shooting a gun

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Teachers’ union urges schools to host drag shows, use ‘comrade’ instead of ‘boy’ and ‘girl’

 Image result for commie

Parental rights advocates are up in arms over a just released Alberta teachers' union resource to help teachers discuss LGBTQ issues that recommends staging “drag” shows in schools, referring to students as “comrades” rather than “boys” and “girls,” and having students take part in letter-writing campaigns to advocate LGBTQ rights internationally.

The 150-page “Prism Toolkit for safe and caring discussions” is intended for use in Grades 7 to 12. Produced by the Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) with funds from the Alberta government, the Toolkit was released October 31, and will be provided free of charge to every ATA member.
But Donna Trimble, executive director of Parents for Choice in Education, has blasted the document as “definitely discriminatory,” asserting that “it makes a judgment statement that gender fluidity is the only idea that really is acceptable.”

That discriminates “against a large swath of Alberta citizens, students and families that have a Biblical perspective of gender,” Trimble told LifeSiteNews in a telephone interview.
The Prism Toolkit states on page 21 that “binaries” such as “good vs evil, black vs white” are “overly simplistic and often wrong,” she pointed out.

“Gender is a one example of how binaries can not only be misleading but exclusionary and harmful,” it asserts. “Expressions of gender come in far greater iterations than merely male or female, boy or girl, man or woman.”

The toolkit advises teachers to use “gender inclusive” terms, providing a list on page 22 that includes “comrades” or “folks” instead of “boys and girls,” “guardian” or “caretaker” instead of “mother” and “father,” “crush” or “sweetheart” instead of “girlfriend” and “boyfriend.”
It includes a chart on page 23 of the neologisms now proclaimed as pronouns, such as “zer,”  “xe,” “zher,” and “perself,” and advises teachers to have students use these so-called pronouns in their written work.

No opt-outs for gender studies that are infused in curriculum

The document is also troubling because many parents don’t realize that, while their children can opt out from sex education classes, Bill 10 forbids opt-outs from “gender studies,” which includes discussions of LGBTQ issues, Trimble told LifeSiteNews.
Added to this, gender studies and LGBTQ issues are “embedded in the curriculum, and permeate the entire process,” making it next to impossible for parents to know when such conversations will be introduced, she said.
Indeed, as parental rights advocate Theresa Ng points out on her blog Informed Albertans, the Prism Toolkit includes plans to incorporate gender and LGBTQ issues in math, science, biology, drama, language arts and social studies, and religion lessons.
“Grade 7-12 students have no choice to decline these lessons, which happen during mandated instructional time, and are powerless to object to their learning time being used toward political activism for the advancement of LGBTQ rights or watching a school-wide drag performance,” she writes.
Ng’s detailed analysis documents that Prism Toolkit suggests “Drag 101” as a lesson plan for drama and cosmetology class. “Students may want to invite local drag queens to come to the school to teach makeup and hair techniques. Students may also want to organize a drag performance for the school” (page 118).
For language arts, it provides a map of “LGBTQ rights” and recommends that teachers have students “ join letter-writing campaigns, and study the historical, social and political contexts of nations where human rights are still under threat … ”
For science, it recommends posing the question: “What is the difference between an individual’s sexual identity and their gender identity?”
And provides as the answer: “An individual’s sexual identity is considered to be a biological construct whereas an individual’s gender is considered to be a social construct. Also check out the Gender Unicorn (page 21).”
The purple unicorn illustration is headed: “Where do you fall on these spectrums?” and invites students to ponder whom they are emotionally attracted to, physically attracted to, and just what their gender is.
The document’s lesson plan for religion is entitled: “Why Homophobia Leads Us to Sin – John 8:2-11 (story of the adulterous woman), page 89-92, and advises:
Extend the conversation to understand the impact that homophobia has on classroom, school, and church community. Ideas might include breaking down true communication of God’s love and mercy, resistance to the inclusive nature of God’s call to be ourselves, restricting the pastoral approach to community.
For specifically Catholic schools, it recommends:
Have students read Matthew 18:12–13, the Good Shepherd. Discuss our work in community to bring people together, and into the fold, like the shepherd. Connect the idea of homophobia as a way that pushes people out and our role as Catholics to bring people together. You might cite the works of saints (John Bosco, Vincent de Paul and countless others) and Catholic organizations that work to bring people together.

Failing to correct “heterosexism” can be “educational malpractice”

Andrea Berg, head of the ATA’s human rights and diversity division, told the CBC that the Prism Toolkit answered “a demand from teachers in the field.”

The ATA had produced Prism Toolkit for elementary grades in 2012, Berg said, adding that using the secondary school edition is “absolutely optional” for teachers.
But the School Act requires “schools and teachers work to create welcoming, caring, safe, inclusive learning environments for all students,” Berg said.

Ng writes that the Prism Toolkit states rather ominously on page 10 that: “Canadian courts have found that schools that fail to address homophobia and heterosexism can be in serious breach of their professional responsibilities and considered to be engaging in educational malpractice.”

The document defines “heterosexism” as “the assumption that everyone is heterosexual and that this sexual orientation is superior.”

It defines “heteronormative” much like “heterosexism”:
The belief that people fall into distinct and complementary genders (man and woman) with natural roles in life. It asserts that heterosexuality is the only sexual orientation and norm, marginalizing everything outside of the ideals of heterosexuality, monogamy, and gender conformity.

When other sexualities are acknowledged in this worldview, they are seen as inferior or intrinsically wrong.
Trimble says teachers in “particular school situations” might well feel “very uncomfortable if they say no” to using the Toolkit.

“Will there be teachers that don’t use it and schools that don’t use it? Yes,” she told LifeSiteNews. “But the fact that it is even is out there, that it has been published by the union that is supposed to support all teachers from our multicultural and pluralistic society, is very, very questionable.”
Moreover, the ATA is partnering with the Alberta government in a six-year update of the curriculum, she noted.

Parental Consent is Key campaign

Both Trimble and Ng urge Albertans to join PCE’s Parental Consent is Key campaign to let the NDP know they will fight for their parental rights.

So far, more than 2,000 people have used the platform on PCE’s website to send an open letter via email to Minister of Education Dave Eggen asking the government to commit to a protocol that recognizes parents as primary educators.

The email also goes to Premier Notley, Wildrose education critic Mark Smith, PC education critic Sandra Jansen, and all party leaders.

Trimble says she wants to be clear that PCE does not oppose making children feel safe and welcome in school.

“Look, we understand that these are conversations that might need to take place,” she told LifeSiteNews. “But one, parents should know they’re taking place and two, they should not impose a particular moral preference.”

The province should teach only that “there are different opinions around gender, and here are some of them,” Trimble added.

“That is not what this document is doing.”

Monday, November 7, 2016

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