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More Proof That Men Do Not Belong In Women Rest Room! Drunk Men Using Trans Law To Invade Women’s Bathrooms, Says Alberta bar, So Your Telling Me That Liberal.s Cry About Privacy Right For Women And Abortions? But No Privacy Right For Women In There Rest Room?

An Alberta tavern has come under fire for banning men — whether or not they are presenting or transitioning into “women” — from using the women’s bathroom.
But Medicine Hat’s Corona Tavern says it did so because drunken men claiming to be transgendered have been entering the women’s bathroom since Rachel Notley’s NDP government passed its “trans rights” Bill 7.
“This has caused some young female patrons to feel unsafe and threatened,” the bar’s management said in a Tuesday press release.
The Corona was hit by a maelstrom of criticism after 21-year-old Calgarian River Rising -- a man who presents as a woman -- related on Facebook that while in the small southern Alberta city for a friend’s wedding, he was questioned by the bar’s bouncers and prevented from using the women’s bathroom.

In the ensuing social media firestorm, the bar was further attacked for putting up an allegedly “transphobic” sign on the women’s bathroom door that read: “You must use the bathroom of your birth gender.”
But as Corona’s press release stated, “The clientele that we serve are often under the influence of alcohol and some young men who are not transgendered have been claiming to be, to enter the women’s washroom.”
The bar has received “numerous complaints about males going into the women’s washroom” since Bill 7 passed.
Bill 7, which became law in December 2015, added “gender identity” and “gender expression” as prohibited grounds for discrimination under the Alberta Human Rights Act.
LifeSiteNews contacted the tavern and did not hear back by deadline, but manager Lorraine Schmaltz reiterated to CBC News that “guys wanna be sneaky, so they say they’re transgender, and they’re in the women’s washroom.”
The Corona stressed in its statement that “We have no bias against those who are LGBTQ. … We are saddened by this situation.” Schmaltz told Medicine Hat News the bar moved swiftly to fix the problem, and now has a gender-neutral washroom.
“It’s the way our world is going and there is no legislation on this, unfortunately,” she added. “So we didn’t know what to do and acted wrong. But in the end it’s all rectified.”
The offending sign has also been removed, but sympathy in the media was markedly skewed in favor of the transgendered, with one bar patron, Hatter Destiny Burkart, arguing that inebriated men in the ladies’ room is not reason enough for what she describes as “discrimination.”

What is known as transgenderism to the mainstream culture is in psychiatry described as the mental illness “gender dysphoria,” which causes an individual to repudiate his or her biological sex.  
Calgary’s Rev. Shafer Parker told LifeSiteNews it’s increasingly clear that “it is the duty of every right-thinking citizen to resist the madness that is being imposed upon society by the LGBTQ movement.”
“This is ridiculous. It’s unsustainable and will come crashing down one way or another after people are hurt badly enough,” said Parker, formerly a journalist for the Christian-based Alberta Report and now senior pastor at Hawkwood Baptist Church.
The Corona Tavern imbroglio underscores that “there is no such thing as gender neutrality” and that “to try to say otherwise is to always create a list of problems that are literally irreconcilable.”
He pointed to Paul’s injunction in Romans 12:18: “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”
“We don’t need to start unnecessary fights, in the sense that, if it’s as simple as adding a bathroom with a lock on the door, let’s do it,” Parker said.  “But when push comes to shove, we have to be prepared to pay a price, whatever that price may be, rather than bend from the truth."
“We’re the ones who stand for the truth and the truth is, God made us male and female, and there are no other sub-categories, there just aren’t.”
Added Parker: “And we have to stand for that truth even when it’s costly. In the end, we save the world by doing so.”
Neither Medicine Hat NDP MLA and speaker Robert Wanner nor Cypress-Medicine Hat Wildrose MLA Drew Barnes were available for comment.
Alberta’s Bill 7 was supported by all five provincial parties and passed third reading unanimously. Official Opposition Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean stated the legislation “should be applauded.”
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals introduced the federal Bill C-16 in May 2016, which will change both the Canadian Human Rights Act and the Criminal Code to include the terms “gender identity” and “gender expression.”

Merkel stands firm on bringing refugees to Germany despite attacks: Merkel, Make Sergeant Schultz Look Like A Real Genius


Chancellor Angela Merkel pledged Thursday to do “everything humanly possible” to keep Germany safe following a string of attacks – including two carried out by asylum-seekers and claimed by the Islamic State group that she said mocked the country that took in the assailants.
The attacks brought Merkel fresh criticism for her decision last year to welcome refugees. More than 1 million asylum-seekers were registered in Germany in 2015, although the influx has since slowed dramatically.
Merkel said at a news conference that Germany will “stick to our principles” and give shelter to those who deserve it.
“We will manage this,” she said, repeating a mantra she coined last August.
Merkel called for a better “early warning system” against signs of radicalization, faster progress on plans to create a center to help crack encrypted messages and better international intelligence cooperation, among other measures. But she said it’s too early to say in detail what more may be required beyond the tightening of asylum and security laws already undertaken in recent months.
“Wherever there are gaps, we will have to act – just as we have so far – so that it is clear that we are doing everything humanly possible to ensure security in our free, democratic state of law,” Merkel said.
Two of the attacks in a weeklong period starting July 18 – an ax rampage near Wuerzburg that wounded five and a suicide bombing that injured 15 outside a bar in Ansbach – were the first in Germany to be claimed by the Islamic State group. Both of the attackers, asylum-seekers who arrived over the past two years, were killed.
In two other attacks – a shooting by a German-Iranian 18-year-old in Munich that claimed 10 lives, including the attacker’s, and the stabbing of a woman by a Syrian asylum-seeker at a restaurant in Reutlingen – the motive is still unclear but Islamic extremism is not suspected.
“We will do everything to clear up the barbaric acts, find the people behind them and punish them, and then we will have to decide where further measures are necessary,” Merkel said. She added that Germany owes that to the victims, their relatives, its own security and also “to all the many innocent refugees.”
“That two men who came to us as refugees are responsible for the acts in Wuerzburg and Ansbach mocks the country that took them in,” Merkel said. “It mocks the helpers who took so much care of the refugees and it mocks the many other refugees who really seek help against violence and war.”
The chancellor cut short her vacation to schedule her annual summer news conference – only her second public appearance in the past week. She had faced criticism from opponents for her muted response to the four attacks.
Merkel dismissed criticism of that, noting that she will attend a memorial service in Munich on Sunday, and rejected the notion that she might personally feel any guilt about the attacks.
“I have the feeling that I am acting responsibly and correctly, and no other feelings,” she said.
Merkel repeated unbidden her insistence that Germany “will manage” the challenges of the day – a phrase she first used at last summer’s annual news conference.
“I didn’t say 11 months ago that it would be an easy thing we could manage in passing, otherwise I wouldn’t have had to say that sentence,” she said. “But I am, today as I was then, convinced that we will manage to do justice to our historic task … we will also deal with the new challenge we now face, Islamist terror.”
“I think that refusing humanitarian responsibility would have had just as many, or perhaps completely different but in any case very bad, consequences for us that I would not risk and could not recommend to Germany,” Merkel said.
Earlier Thursday, officials in Bavaria – the scene of three of the four attacks, and a state whose governor has long been critical of Merkel’s welcoming approach to refugees – pledged to hire hundreds of extra police officers and urged tougher background checks on asylum-seekers as they presented an anti-terror plan following the four attacks.
Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said his state would hire some 2,000 additional police officers by 2020, improve police officers’ equipment and create new offices to fight Muslim extremism and cybercrime.
He also called for tougher background checks on asylum-seekers and new strategies to deport criminal asylum-seekers more easily.
Merkel said of the plan that “there are a lot of things on which we agree.”

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Maddow Researching Hitler to Understand Trump "They had 330 million people to choose from?

 has researching the rise of Adolph Hitler to better understand Trump.
In an interview with Rolling Stone, Maddow called her research an attempt to know what happens when cultures "unexpectedly veered into dark places."
"Over the past year I've been reading a lot about what it was like when Hitler first became chancellor," she said. "I am gravitating toward moments in history for subliminal reference in terms of cultures that have unexpectedly veered into dark places, because I think that's possibly where we are."
News flash: that "dark place" occurred on January 22, 1973 with the passage of Roe v. Wade, a policy celebrated by people of Maddow's ideological persuasion. In fact, our culture has gone so far into the deep, pagans wouldn't trade places. 
When the interviewer asked Maddow to explain why Republicans picked Trump, Maddow exclaimed she felt extremely disappointed and just couldn't believe it. 
"What is amazing is the Republican Party that picked him," she said.
"They had 330 million people to choose from, and they've decided that he is the best one to be the standard-bearer of one of the two major parties of the greatest nation on Earth. Like, talk to me, Republican voters! What's the worst-case scenario for America if he wins? It can be pretty bad. You don't have to go back far in history to get to almost apocalyptic scenarios."
You know the left is worried when they have to resort to Hitler comparisons and "apocalyptic scenarios."

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Here We Go Again Obama Loving It Man in Black Lives Matter Shirt Fires 17 Shots Into Officer’s Patrol Car and Home, Screams He Hates Police: Report


The targeted officer had just arrived home from work when the gunshots, fired from a 9mm handgun, rang out. The officer and his family weren’t hurt in the attack.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said surveillance video captured a vehicle speeding away from the scene at around 2 a.m. on Tuesday, according to reports. Hours later, officers pulled over a vehicle matching the description and arrested March Eugene Ratney in connection to the shooting.

The suspect reportedly became furious during his interrogation, allegedly urinating in the interrogation room and cursing at officers. However, he denied being involved in the shooting.
Police said they found two guns and shell casings at the home where Ratney was living and planned to search his vehicle as well.

‘Where Is the NRA Now?’: Al Sharpton Asks if the Second Amendment Is for ‘Whites Only’ Why Dose Al Sharpton , Just Not Shut The Hell Up


Following the police-related shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile last week, civil rights leader Al Sharpton is asking the National Rifle Association if the Second Amendment is for “whites only.”

Both Sterling of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Castile of Falcon Heights, Minnesota, were carrying firearms when they were fatally shot by law enforcement officers. Castile was reportedly a concealed carry license holder.

“Both of them were killed by police based on, ‘they had gun[s].’ Now, I missed the NRA coming out defending the gun rights they legally had,” Sharpton said over the weekend. Where is the NRA now? Where is [NRA President] Wayne LaPierre now?”

“Do you have a Second Amendment right, or did you not get down, Mr. Pierre [sic], to the 14th, 15th and 16th Amendments?” he continued. “Maybe you mean the Second Amendment are for whites only.”

However, it is important to note that the NRA did release a statement on Castile’s death, though it was a couple days after his death. The gun-lobbying group said it “proudly supports the right of law-abiding Americans to carry firearms for the defense of themselves and others regardless of race, religion or sexual orientation.”

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'UnReal' Mocks Racist's Pregnancy as 'Growing a Future Trump Supporter'? Tell Me Again , How Gender Equality Is Being Applied Here?

n Lifetime’s latest episode of UnReal, “Casualty,” the white southern contestant portrayed as a racist competing for the first black suitor provides a surprise plot twist. Beth Ann (Lindsay Musil) foils the race-baiting script for ratings when, during the hometown visit date with Darius (B.J. Britt), her supposedly racist family welcomes the football star with open arms.
Beth Ann, previously described as Trump with boobs, really, really wants to win the show and the producers are quite disappointed that the visit to Alabama with her family goes swimmingly. Not wanting to show a vanilla, post-racial South, a ratings gift drops in Rachel’s (Shiri Appleby) lap when Beth Ann confides that she is pregnant with her ex-boyfriend Brock’s (Zach McGowan) baby. Rachel reassures Beth Ann that Darius would rise to the challenge and accept another man’s baby as his own in order for her to spill the beans on camera.
Rachel excitedly tells Coleman (Michael Rady) that Beth Ann is growing a “Trump supporter” in her uterus and it’s going to be great for the show.

Coleman: Here's what I'm thinking.
Rachel:  Shh! Shh! Shh! 
Coleman: So, we get Darius -- Just listen to –
Rachel:  Wait a minute. Just listen to me for one second. I literally have the best news I've ever had in my entire life. Are you ready?
Coleman: Yeah? What?
Rachel:  Beth Ann has a future Trump supporter growing in her uterus right now.
Coleman:  She's got a what?
Rachel:  Exactly. 
Coleman: Wait.
Rachel:  I'm not even kidding. She's pregnant, and I convinced her to tell her parents and Darius on-camera tonight. You're welcome.
Coleman:  Wow.
Rachel:  Mm-hmm.
Coleman: Okay. Okay. That's amazing. 
Rachel: Yeah. I don't understand why you're not more excited. Anyways, I have a lot to do. I'll talk to you later.
Meanwhile, Rachel hunts down Brock, not difficult as he lives two blocks from Beth Ann’s house, tells him the news and even provides him with a ring for a wedding proposal.
Brock is not the catch that Darius would be – ex-convict versus wealthy football star – so when Brock crashes the party and proposes to Beth Ann, she turns him down and proclaims her love for Darius. Beth Ann’s non-racist father runs Brock off with a shotgun. Poor Brock.
During the elimination ceremony at the episode’s end, Darius eliminates Beth Ann. He tells her first, though, that he will set aside money for her baby’s education. 
My question is, how will this show continue to tie in Trump now that Beth Ann is gone?
onus video: Earlier in the episode, the women were asked to pitch Darius why they should be chosen for the hometown date. It was interesting that Jameson, the black policewoman, says, "I just really want to show my fellow police officers that a cop in Chicago can have a black man in her car without him being in handcuffs."

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RAW VIDEO: Black Lives Matter” Protesters throw objects at officers in Phoenix?

Agitators participating in a “Black Lives Matter” peaceful anti-police protest in Phoenix Friday ended it by throwing rocks at officers and threatening to kill them.

ABC 15 video shows multiple individuals hurling rocks at officers:

Black El Paso Police Chief: BLM Is A ‘Radical Hate Group’?


The chief of police in El Paso, Texas, labeled Black Lives Matter a “radical hate group” Friday night, blaming them for Thursday’s shooting in Dallas and calling on policymakers to take a closer look at the movement.

Greg Allen was in attendance at a news conference Friday where various leaders in the El Paso area expressed solidarity with Dallas while also trying to appeal to those who feel marginalized by a recent spate of high-profile police shootings. Allen didn’t deliver a statement at the conference, but he gave an interview to local press afterwards.

So Your Telling Me That Black Lives Matters Supporters Who Want To Kill Black Male Cop's? , Black On Black Killing?

So Your Telling Me That Black Lives Matters Supporters Who Want To kill White Women? And Female Cop's? , IS All About Gender Equality You Can Believe In?

How the Left Lies When Blacks Are Shot By Police, So Your Telling Me That Black Lives Matters Supporters Who Want To kill White Women? And Female Cop's? , IS All About Gender Equality You Can Believe In?

How the Left Lies When Blacks Are Shot By Police, So Your Telling Me That Black Lives Matters Supporters Who Want To kill White Women? And Female Cop's? , IS All About Gender Equality You Can Believe In?


In order to reinforce the false narrative that blacks are systematically discriminated against in America, the Left and its accomplices in the mainstream media spent much of last week lying over and over again about two black men shot to death by police officers.

Like a burnt out Hollywood screenwriter, the Left keeps recycling the same old stock characters. Black men are tragic heroes. White people and police are racist agents of an evil system. The facts are never allowed to intrude on these fantasies.

Michael Brown of Ferguson, Mo., was supposedly a gentle giant. Trayvon Martin of Sanford, Fla., was said to look like the son President Obama never had. “When I think about this boy, I think about my own kids,” Obama said after Martin’s death in 2012. Later we learned these were politically motivated lies generated by leftist lynch mobs.

This evidence has become available after the horrific Black Lives Matter-inspired massacre of police officers in Dallas during a Black Lives Matter demonstration. With five policemen dead, it was the deadliest attack on U.S. law enforcement since Sept. 11, 2001.

FrontPage reported Friday on the media’s beatification of Alton Sterling, who died in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile, who died near St. Paul, Minn. But new information has emerged through enhanced scrutiny of independently shot crime scene videos showing Castile in extremis after being shot and the physical altercation between Sterling and police.

The new information makes it clear that Sterling, a career criminal well known to Baton Rouge police, was trying to wrest a gun away from a cop. While cops were wrangling him, Sterling indicated he intended to harm the officers. The cops responded appropriately, shooting him to death.

With Castile, it now appears he may have had a gun at his side or on his lap. In addition, the lawyer for the officer involved, Jeronimo Yanez, reportedly said his client ordered Castile to stay motionless but the man refused to comply. In other words, Yanez responded to the presence of the gun and moves by Castile, not to Castile’s race.

Castile’s girlfriend, Diamond “Lavish” Reynolds, had said Castile was trying to retrieve his wallet after informing police that he was in possession of a concealed weapon and a permit allowing him to carry it. “He let the officer know that he had a firearm, and he was reaching for his wallet and the officer just shot him in his arm,” Reynolds said. She told Yanez, “You told him to get his ID, sir—his driver’s license.”

An audio recording of police communications purports to depict officers saying they were about to pull over Castile because he matched the description of a robbery suspect. Still video frames of a robbery in Minnesota have also surfaced that show a man who at least somewhat resembles Castile. At time of writing neither piece of evidence appeared to have been authenticated. A squad car video of the incident also exists, according to investigators, but it does not appear to have been made public.
Castile, who had a long history of driving infractions but no felony convictions, did in fact possess a permit to carry a gun, the Star Tribune reported Saturday, citing a confidential source. Under state law, the names of such permit holders are not made public but the source said Castile was issued the permit when he lived in Robbinsdale, Minn.

There are still many unanswered questions about the slaying of Castile, but the new information seems unhelpful to those arguing his shooting was unjustified.

A slow-motion version of one video of the Sterling incident, which took place in the parking lot of a food store, appears to exonerate the officers involved who responded to a 9-1-1 call about a man menacing another with a gun.

According to the slow-mo analysis, while the cops were on the ground leaning over Sterling one shouts “he’s got a gun” before they draw their firearms. An officer cautions Sterling shouting, “hey bro, you fu—ing move, I swear to God.”

Sterling seems to reply, “thanks for the free gun,” a clear indication he had taken or was trying to take an officer’s gun, and shots ring out. Someone shouts “you’re dead” and more shots ring out. The camera cuts away then returns to show Sterling lying on his back with blood pooled over his chest.
Unless this version of the video was dishonestly manipulated or inaccurately interpreted (which does not appear to be the case), that would seem to close the book on the Alton Sterling case. We’ll have to see if any more evidence surfaces.

FrontPage readers are painfully aware that the Left cannot advance its agenda without lying.
The Left reveres thugs. It jumped on the bandwagon promoting the lie that Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin were innocent angels unjustly cut down by white executioners. The truth, as we now know, is that both young black men were killed in self-defense by the white men they intended to harm.

We now know that “hands up, don’t shoot,” the mantra of angry mobs and left-wing talking heads, was a complete hoax. Brown was a thug killed by a white police officer and trying to grab the cop’s gun. He did not get gunned down while trying to surrender, as the Left claims.

We now know that Martin, who was suspected to have been a burglar, wanted to hurt Neighborhood Watch volunteer George Zimmerman because he believed his friend when she told him Zimmerman might be a homosexual stalking the area.

The Left creates alternate realities in order to justify or rationalize past events and to move its agenda forward.

The Left lied when it claimed the recent Orlando and Dallas massacres were about the arguably easy availability of guns. The Left lied when it claimed former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) was shot because Sarah Palin put her congressional district on a “target list,” ignoring the fact that military metaphors have long been a bipartisan part of America’s political culture.

The Left lied when it claimed during the Obamacare debate that there were tens of millions of uninsured Americans and that an angry anti-Obamacare mob hurled racist epithets at black Democrat lawmakers on their way to the U.S. Capitol.

The Left lied when it claimed Bill Clinton was impeached because Republicans were sexual prudes. The Left lied when it claimed Matthew Shepard was murdered because he was gay—in fact, his connection to the drug underworld was the central factor in his killing. The Left lied when it claimed Ronald Reagan hated and discriminated against gays, an absurd claim to make about a former six-term president of the Screen Actors Guild whose livelihood was dependent on getting along with the many powerful gays of Hollywood.

The Left lied when it claimed Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was a racist conservative when in fact he was an agnostic animal rights enthusiast and anti-bullying activist enraged at the Janet Reno-orchestrated massacre of mostly non-white members of the Branch Davidian church of Waco, Texas.

This is not an exhaustive list of leftist lies.

Meanwhile, information has surfaced about the identity of the allegedly lone sniper in Dallas who late last week gunned down a reported 12 police officers, killing five of them. The massacre apparently inspired copycat attacks on police across the nation.

The Dallas shooter was identified as 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson of Mesquite, Texas, a black man who served in the U.S. Army Reserve and did a tour in Afghanistan. Bomb-making materials and an arsenal of weapons and ammunition were found at the man’s home.
Johnson is said to have told police he was not part of any group which is essentially worthless as evidence with respect to the the Black Lives Matter movement. The movement is fairly amorphous and decentralized. Anyone can claim to be or not be a member of the movement.
Johnson, who has been found in a photo posing in a dashiki with a raised arm Black Power salute, said he was upset at the recent deaths of black men at the hands of police.
Dallas police chief David Brown said Johnson told police he “wanted to kill white people, especially white officers.”
Johnson had been a member of the Houston chapter of the New Black Panther Party for six months some years ago, Breitbart Texas reports, citing KPRC NBC2. The source of the membership information was a man called Quanell X who said Johnson left the organization because he would not respect the chain of command. Breitbart posted a photo of what it claimed was Johnson at a New Black Panther armed march.
Of course former Justice Department civil rights division lawyer J. Christian Adams warned the Obama administration years ago about the real danger posed by the New Black Panther Party and was ignored.
The episode in Dallas came to an explosive ending early Friday. In a wonderful law enforcement innovation, Dallas police used a robot to deliver a bomb that blew  Johnson to bits.

Something called the Black Power Political Organization reportedly claimed responsibility for the Dallas massacre. On its now-offline Facebook page it stated, “More Will Be Assassinated In The Coming Days! Do You Like The Work Of Our Assassins? Get Your Own Sniper.”

Whether BPPO is a real group isn’t yet clear. It doesn’t appear to have been incorporated anywhere. Its Facebook page has been taken down. The page referenced various black power groups such as the New Black Panther Party and the Huey P. Newton Gun Club. Something called the Black People Protection Agency, also allegedly known as Black Knights, was referred to on BPPO’s Facebook page. BPPA’s status is similarly murky.

BPPO’s page did list contact information in the form of a telephone number with an 876 area code, which corresponds to the Caribbean nation of Jamaica. That number also appears on a funding page for something called the Black Men Entrepreneurship Foundation. At time of writing BMEF had an active Facebook page. That organization’s status is also unclear.

The Left is desperate to protect Black Lives Matter, which has been officially endorsed by the Democratic National Committee. Prominent left-wingers are publicly scratching their heads wondering what possibly could have motivated the Dallas attack even though Micah X. Johnson spelled out his anti-white, anti-cop animus in an abundantly clear fashion to police.

During a press conference in Poland, a befuddled President Obama pretended to¬† struggle to understand why the Dallas shooter did what he did. “I think it is very hard to untangle the motives of this shooter. I’ll leave that to psychologists and people who study these kinds of incidents.”
“I think the danger is that we somehow suggest the act of a troubled individual speaks to some larger political statement across the country,” Obama said.

Democrat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton blamed white people. “White Americans need to do a better job of listening when African Americans talk about the seen and unseen barriers you face every day,” she tweeted Friday.

Later the same day Clinton continued her delusional rant in a CNN interview.

“I will call for white people, like myself, to put ourselves in the shoes of those African-American families who fear every time their children go somewhere, who have to have ‘The Talk,’ about how to really protect themselves [from police], when they’re the ones who should be expecting protection from encounters with police.”

“I’m going to be talking to white people. We’re the ones who have to start listening to the legitimate cries coming from our African-American fellow citizens.”

Listening to Black Lives Matters supporters who want to kill white people and police is exactly the kind of useless, possibly counterproductive remedy Hillary Clinton would propose.
But pandering is a principal focus of the Left nowadays, the real-world consequences be damned.

3 People Behind the Effort to Remove Judge for Her Views on Marriage, How IS Gender Equality Bring Applied Here? So Forceing A Women Off The Bench IS Gender Equality?


Her cell phone rang while Judge Ruth Neely was hanging Christmas lights outside her home in Pinedale, Wyo. She didn’t notice that she had missed a call until she went inside to untangle a string of lights.

When Neely called back, the young man who answered identified himself as a reporter from the local newspaper. He told Neely he was doing a story on the administrative challenges of the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in Wyoming.

The two spoke for more than 20 minutes, reporter Ned Donovan told The Daily Signal, and then he asked the town judge whether she was “excited” about the prospect of solemnizing same-sex marriages.

“I will not able to do them,” Neely replied, according to the story Donovan later wrote. “We have at least one magistrate who will do same-sex marriages, but I will not be able to.”
Neely cited her religious belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.
The result of the interview Dec. 5, 2014, was a relatively short newspaper story, but it sparked an investigation of Neely’s fitness for office. A year and a half later, she is asking the Wyoming Supreme Court not to remove her from two separate judgeships—nor to enforce a fine of up to $40,000.

All this without a local citizen filing a complaint against the judge, who is active in her Lutheran church, and without her ever being asked to officiate at a same-sex wedding.

As Pinedale’s full-time municipal judge, Neely, who is in her early 60s, isn’t authorized to solemnize marriages. As a part-time circuit judge in Wyoming’s Sublette County, her lawyers say, agreeing to officiate at a wedding was up to her—as it is for other circuit judges.

The potential removal of Neely from both jobs was set in motion by three key players: Donovan, who later would call for the judge’s removal; Ana Cuprill, Wyoming’s top Democratic official, who emailed the reporter’s story to the state Commission on Judicial Conduct and Ethics; and Wendy Soto, executive director of that state agency and a former board member of Wyoming Equality, a statewide LGBT rights group.

As The Daily Signal previously reported, Neely’s lawyers on April 29 asked the state’s highest court to reject the judicial commission’s findings that she had violated rules of conduct and should be removed from the bench in both full-time and part-time capacities.

The commission’s response to Neely’s appeal is due June 16.

Among other things, Neely’s lawyers insist the judge is protected by both the state and U.S. constitutions. Wyoming’s religious freedom guarantees, they note, are among the strongest in the nation.

How did a well-liked and respected judge with more than 20 years of service in a tiny town south of Yellowstone Park wind up defending her own religious freedom to decline a request—not yet made—to marry a same-sex couple?

It began that Friday in early December 2014 when Donovan,  then a 20-year-old reporter for the Pinedale Roundup, called Neely’s cell phone.

The Phone Interview
The Daily Signal assembled this sequence of events, based on documents in the case as well as a recent interview with Donovan:

When Neely returned his call, Donovan answered. Neely’s lawyers characterize Donovan as asking right off about the prospect of her officiating at a same-sex marriage. But Donovan insists he brought it up late in their interview.

Incorrectly assuming Neely was about to officiate at a gay marriage, Donovan told The Daily Signal, he posed the question that embroiled the judge in a fight to save her career.
Neely told Donovan that although religious beliefs precluded her from performing same-sex weddings, other local officials as well as clergy were willing to do so.

That same day, Ralph “Ed” Wood—a circuit judge as well as Pinedale’s town attorney of 17 years—performed the first same-sex marriage ceremony in Sublette County.

After answering Donovan’s questions, Neely testified, she began to think the reporter knew of her religious beliefs and intended to put them in a negative light.

Donovan, who says he is a Catholic and registered as a Republican in Sublette County, told The Daily Signal he may have had some idea from newsroom talk, but her religion wasn’t why he called the judge.

Neely called back the reporter about 20 minutes later, asking that he print only this response: “When law and religion conflict, choices have to be made. I have not yet been asked to perform a same-sex marriage.”

‘Happy Not to Publish’

Donovan, who never provided his version of events for the investigation, said he quickly consulted colleagues and a media lawyer about Neely’s request to take her earlier remarks off the record.
He called later to ask more questions, Neely said in an affidavit, and offered not to publish a story if she would agree to perform same-sex marriages. Neely said she declined further comment.
“As she’d already indicated a desire to change her comments, I was happy not to publish if the new comments meant she had no opposition [to officiating],” Donovan told The Daily Signal. “Not that I tried to bargain [or] blackmail her.”

On Dec. 9, the Sublette Examiner—sister publication to the Pinedale Roundup—published Donovan’s article. The story appeared online with the headline “Pinedale Judge Will Not Marry Same-Sex Couples.”

The 15-paragraph story quoted some of Neely’s earlier remarks as well as her later, formal statement. It incorrectly reported that “all judges are required to marry those who meet the legal requirements.”
“Everyone is welcome to have religious beliefs, but they are inherently personal, especially if you hold public office,” Donovan told The Daily Signal of the newsworthiness of his story.
He said he personally supports gay marriage, but also supports the right of clergy not to officiate.
In a May 3 tweet, one of several from him on the case, Donovan described Neely’s plight as “hilarious”:

Since when did “Separation of Church and State” become the State attacking the Church?!? How IS Gender Equality Bring Applied Here?


Catholic Bishops Ask Congress to Vote for Bill to Stop Government Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions? How IS Gender Equality Bring Applied Here? Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions?


The pro-life spokesmen for the nation’s Catholic Bishops are calling on Congress to vote next week for new pro-life legislation to help stop government from forcing Christians to fund abortions. The House plans a vote on the legislation on Wednesday.

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan and Archbishop William E. Lori–as chairmen of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities and Ad Hoc Committee for Religious Liberty, respectively–called for immediate action by the U.S. House of Representatives to enact the Conscience Protection Act of 2016.

The bishops wrote that “disturbing new actions to force healthcare providers to participate in the destruction of human life cry out for an immediate federal remedy.”

Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Lori cited three recent examples of government coercion on abortion. First is the June 21 ruling by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services allowing, “contrary to the plain meaning of current federal law, that California’s Department of Managed Health Care can continue forcing all health plans under its jurisdiction to cover elective abortions, including late-term abortions.”

How IS Gender Equality Bring Applied Here? When We Are Killing Are Women?

Gender Madness: Transgender "Markers" Do Not Exist? Boy George Any One?


There is absolutely no gender marker for transsexualism.
In fact, a study published just 3 weeks ago further supports the research given on my website, and the research referenced in my books: no biological basis can be found for transsexualism.
I see a troubling uptick in misinformation—actual lies— being told in the media to try to convince us that little kids with gender confusion need to take hormone blockers. But there is no such thing as being trapped in the wrong body.
We need to stop "transgender affirming" and tell those who suffer from gender issues the truth.
Transsexualism is a home-grown, depressive mental disorder.
Walt Heyer
Author of Trading my Sorrows; Paper Genders; and Gender, Lies and Suicide

Here is the abstract of the study, taken from

J Sex Med. 2014 Aug 15. doi: 10.1111/jsm.12673. [Epub ahead of print]
Association Study of ERβ, AR, and CYP19A1 Genes and MtF Transsexualism.
Fernández R1, Esteva I, Gómez-Gil E, Rumbo T, Almaraz MC, Roda E, Haro-Mora JJ, Guillamón A, Pásaro E.1Departamento de Psicobiología, Universidad de A Coruña, A Coruña, Spain.
The etiology of male-to-female (MtF) transsexualism is unknown. Both genetic and neurological factors may play an important role.
To investigate the possible influence of the genetic factor on the etiology of MtF transsexualism.
We carried out a cytogenetic and molecular analysis in 442 MtFs and 473 healthy, age- and geographical origin-matched XY control males. The karyotype was investigated by G-banding and by high-density array in the transsexual group. The molecular analysis involved three tandem variable regions of genes estrogen receptor β (ERβ) (CA tandem repeats in intron 5), androgen receptor (AR) (CAG tandem repeats in exon 1), and CYP19A1 (TTTA tandem repeats in intron 4). The allele and genotype frequencies, after division into short and long alleles, were obtained.
We investigated the association between genotype and transsexualism by performing a molecular analysis of three variable regions of genes ERβ, AR, and CYP19A1 in 915 individuals (442 MtFs and 473 control males).
Most MtFs showed an unremarkable 46,XY karyotype (97.96%). No specific chromosome aberration was associated with MtF transsexualism, and prevalence of aneuploidy (2.04%) was slightly higher than in the general population. Molecular analyses showed no significant difference in allelic or genotypic distribution of the genes examined between MtFs and controls. Moreover, molecular findings presented no evidence of an association between the sex hormone-related genes (ERβ, AR, and CYP19A1) and MtF transsexualism.

For 35 years serious questions have been raised about the overall long-term success of changing genders. large number of people who had the surgery but remain traumatized - often to the point of committing suicide?


Regarding the outcome of reassignment surgery Dr. Charles Ihlenfeld said, "80% should not do it" and for the remaining 20%, he says it will not be a lifelong solution but rather a temporary "reprieve." In other words, do not expect long term success.

Dr Ihlenfeld has some strong support from The Guardian (UK) from July 2004 that included a review of more than 100 international medical studies of post-operative transgenders by the University of Birmingham aggressive research intelligence facility. They found "no robust scientific evidence that gender reassignment surgery is clinically effective." Seeing that they reviewed not just one study but 100 international studies makes this report alarming.
In my view, this shows that failure comes all too often for transgenders and it is so unnecessary. The Guardian reports:
  1. After gender reassignment, there's still a large number of people who had the surgery but remain traumatized - often to the point of committing suicide.
  2. Research from the US and Holland suggests that up to a fifth (20%) of patients regret changing sex.
Thirty-five years ago, in 1979, uncertainty about gender change success was surfacing. At Johns Hopkins Hospital concerns about the reported success rates of changing genders and whether Dr. Money had been falsifying the reports of sex change success prompted a review. Dr. Paul Mc Hugh commissioned Dr. Meyer to study post-operative transsexuals from the Johns Hopkins Gender Identity Clinic program. Dr. Meyer's results were far different than Money’s reports of success a decade earlier and also validated the concerns regarding Dr. Money and his reports.  Dr. Meyer said, “To say that this type of surgery cures psychiatric disturbance is incorrect.” As a result of studying the results of Hopkins patients, Hopkins closed its gender clinic and university-based gender clinics around the country began to close.
Also in 1979, Dr. Ihlenfeld, a former associate of Dr. Harry Benjamin, told an audience extreme care should be given in using cross gender hormones because 80% of patents who want to change their sex shouldn't do it. "There is too much unhappiness among people who have had the surgery," he said. "Too many of them end as suicides."
Madeline Wyndzen, a transgendered psychology professor, writes, "50% of transgenders could be struggling with suicide attempts, regret, anger and unhappiness living in a transgender sub-culture rather than being part of the larger world.”
I say it is important to take every precaution prior to surgery to avoid regret.
Injustice at Every Turn: A Report of the National Transgender Discrimination Survey says a staggering 41% of transgenders surveyed report they have attempted suicide and that those who have medically transitioned and surgically transitioned have higher rates of attempted suicide than the general population. Ttransgenders have higher rate of HIV infections. They are more prone to heavy drinking and the use of drugs. They have high rates of homelessness, unemployment and extreme poverty, even more so in the more difficult economic times of the last 5 years.
Good golly, Ms. Gender Molly, what more evidence do you need? The effectiveness of sex change parallels the risk of Russian roulette. Yep, you could be lucky but you also could end up dead.
Knowing the facts and seeing the evidence, why would anyone risks their life on a procedure with such shaky results?
Walt Heyer, the Maverick Transgender

Sunday, July 10, 2016


 (AP) — A Texas woman who was wounded when she threw herself over her son during the attack on a Dallas protest march said Sunday she would go to another demonstration to show her boys that she's not a quitter.
Shetamia Taylor, who attended the march with her four sons, also thanked Dallas police for protecting her in the chaos that erupted Thursday night. She says officers shielded her as bullets whizzed through the air around them.
"They had no regard for their own life. They stayed there with us. They surrounded my son and I," she said.
Taylor, in a wheelchair with her right leg immobilized, told a news conference at Baylor University Medical Center that she always held police officers "in a very high place" and notes that her youngest son wants to be a cop.
"I never had an issue with police officers," she said. "If anything it made my admiration for them greater."
Taylor, who is black, said she went to the march to protest the killings of black men by police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and outside St. Paul, Minnesota, and previous encounters between blacks and police.
She said the attack on the march in Dallas, which killed five officers and injured seven others, wouldn't deter her from demonstrating again. She wants her sons — ages 12, 13, 15 and 17 — to know it was an isolated incident.
"I don't want them to think that I am a quitter, because I am not," she said.
Taylor said she and her sons were getting ready to leave the march when they heard two shots and saw an officer fall.
"As he was going down, he said, 'He has a gun. Run,'" she recalled.
As they fled, she felt a bullet hit her in the back of the leg.
She said she tackled her 15-year-old son, Andrew, and "laid on top of him."
An officer then jumped on top of them. "And there was another one at our feet. And there was another one over our heads. And there were several of them lined against the wall," she said. "And they stayed there with us. And I saw another officer get shot right in front of me."
Two of her other sons escaped through a parking garage, while the fourth fled the gunfire with another woman he didn't know.
Taylor suffered a bad fracture of her tibia just below her right knee, one of her doctors said. It was repaired with a plate and screws, but it will be two to three months before she can put weight on her leg.
Taylor says she wonders where the country is going to go from here.
"I'm just a mother and a wife," she said. "I'm not an activist. I'm not a politician. I just want to protect my family."
She stressed that most police officers deserve praise and not all of them are "out to get us."
"These are the people you call when you're in a situation. You gotta remember that," she said. "What are we gonna do if they stop policing? What are we gonna do? ... Who are you gonna call?"

Race Baiter Sharpton Makes Sick Plan For Baton Rouge… Here Comes Ferguson 2.0: I Think It Time To Send Sharpton Back To Africa , He Not Wanted Here Any More

race-baiter Al Sharpton revealed in a blog post Thursday that he intended to travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to meet with the family of Alton Sterling, a longtime criminal who died during an altercation with the police early Tuesday morning.
Writing for The Huffington Post, Sharpton also mentioned the death of Philando Castile, a St. Paul, Minnesota, man who died during an altercation with police officers the day after Sterling’s death.
Such tragedies are “a national problem that requires national reform of police culture and the criminal justice system itself,” he argued.
Except that neither Sterling nor Castile’s deaths have been ruled unjustified and may never be, as the investigations into their cases have only now just begun.
Moreover, according to The Baton Rouge Advocate, Sharpton’s National Action Network released a letter from Baton Rouge’s Rev. Shelton Dixon, senior pastor of Greater Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church, revealing why he had asked Sharpton to visit his town.
“In order to achieve justice we are seeking the presence of Rev. Sharpton and National Action Network in Baton Rouge to meet with the family of Mr. Sterling because of NAN’s long track record of assisting families who are victims of police misconduct,” Dixon reportedly wrote.
Never mind the fact that, in reality, Sharpton had a long track record of assisting the family members of fake victims like Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin — none of whom were actually victims.
Plus, Sharpton has zero legal experience. The only thing he knows how to do is make false accusations and stir up racial animosity — just like his role model, President Barack Obama.
He also knows how to incite people into chanting lovely phrases like, “What do we want? Dead cops!”
And wouldn’t you know, this was exactly what was delivered to him this Thursday evening in Dallas. He must be pleased.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Tell Me All About Gender Equality? And How It Applies Here?

Dallas Shooter’s Sister Appears To Share His Hatred Of White People And Police? Tell Me All About Gender Equality? And How It Applies Here? Look Like Gender Equality is M.I.A Here? you think?

 So your telling me , that calling for killing of white women is all about Gender Equality? Gender Equality is achieved when women and men enjoy the same rights and opportunities across all sectors of society?  and liberal keep telling us that women can do the same thing as men? well it look like to me that white women can,t do the same think as black men? if there dead? 

Micah Johnson, the suspected shooter in the Dallas massacre Thursday night, was reportedly motivated in large part by recent police shootings. He saw white people and especially white cops as enemies who needed to be destroyed.

“The suspect was upset at white people. The suspect said he wanted to kill white people, especially white officers,” said Dallas Police Chief David Brown in a press conference Friday.

Brown is apparently not the only person in his family who felt this way. Johnson’s sister, Nicole, took to social media on Wednesday, prior to the shootings, to justify violence against police, saying, “I for one think these cops needs to get a taste of the life we now fear.”

“(I’m) tired of y’all tryin to be on these cops side making it okay based off irrelevant info when our own get killed over unjust s—.” she said. “White ppl have and will continue to kill us off. The only difference is they serve the system hiding behind that blue suit and get off easy murdering civilians.”
After the shootings, Johnson later wrote a followup post, in which she tried defending her brother’s character.

“The news will say what they think but those that knew him know this wasn’t like him. This is the biggest loss we’ve had.”