Friday, July 8, 2016

Police Shot And Killed 171 White People This Year So Far, Debunking Princeton University Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. , The “Value Gap” Claim Police Kill More Whites , FACTS

The Washington Post has compiled a list of all the fatal officer involved shootings for 2015 through the first five months. Despite the official lefty line that cops only “murder” unarmed black men, the paper found that the vast majority of people killed by the cops are…wait for it…white. Shocking, right? In fact, more white people have been killed by police than all other minorities combined.
The WaPo used interviews, police reports, and media coverage to amass the list that was focused on shootings and not other types of police-related deaths. They determined that in the first 5 months of the year 171 white people were shot to death by cops. Compare that to 100 blacks, 50 Latinos, and just 6 Asians. 3 deaths were attributed to “other” races and 31 were “undetermined.”

It’s unclear whether the WaPo counted Nehemiah Fischer, Kyle Baker, or Justin Way, three white guys that were killed by police in the previous week, so the number of whites shot could actually be 174 or higher. That number may come as a shock to most people because there is no national media attention on white people who have been killed by police like there is for blacks. There is no hashtag movements, no protests, and certainly no riots related to dead white guys.

Liberal Sharptonites will say that whites make up a bigger percentage of the population than blacks, so these numbers represent a disproportional killing of blacks by cops. I will counter by asking: how many times do police interact with blacks versus whites? Black neighborhoods are generally crime hot spots so cops spend more time there. If police interact with black criminals more than white ones, then these numbers do not prove racial bias or a genocide against black people. At the very least they do prove that cops do in fact shoot and kill white people.
Here’s the big thing that anti-cop activists will completely ignore: Most of the people (black or white) killed by police were criminal scumbags. 330 of them were armed with a weapon or a realistic looking replica. Also, nearly all of them had criminal histories.

49 people shot by police were unarmed, but not having a weapon doesn’t necessarily equate to innocence. Michael Brown wasn’t armed when he attacked then-Ferguson PD officer Darren Wilson and the Justice Department found the shooting to be justified. Fists and feet are weapons and attacking a cop or going for his or her gun is a life-threatening situation. The WaPo doesn’t break down the unarmed shooting stats by race, so I’m guessing some or maybe all were white. I say this because if most of the people killed while unarmed were black that would have been the headline.
Also missing from the WaPo’s statistical analysis is the race of the officers involved in the shootings. It would be interesting to know how many black or minority cops shot and killed white criminals.
Liberals can spin these numbers anyway they want but there is an undeniable fact that police have shot and killed at least 171 white people this year so far. Blacks aren’t the only ones being killed by police, so why does the media make it seem like that’s the case?

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