Saturday, January 25, 2014

Melissa Harris-Perry Compares Fighting Pro-LIfers To A Woman Fighting Of...

There is apparently no limit to the incendiary rhetoric allowed to fly unrestricted within MSNBC’s studios. Despite the decision to hire an executive tasked with limiting the number of outright lies repeated by its hosts, the network continues to air reprehensible accusations aimed primarily at social conservatives.

Melissa Harris-Perry, fresh from her own controversy involving vile comments made on her show about Mitt Romney’s adopted black grandchild, recently returned to her deep well of hyperbole in criticizing the advancements of pro-life advocates.
After castigating those who believe in the sanctity of life as “enemies of reproductive rights,” she compared the same group to men who would target and attack women. Unbelievably, she alleged that the current fight to make the murder of unborn children more commonplace is no different than training women in the art of self-defense.
Her tortured comparison revolved around NARAL’s recent push to coerce governors who support abortion restrictions to run on that platform in upcoming elections.
Harris-Perry touted the fact that NARAL President Elise Hogue recently said she wants to “force these anti-choice extremists who hold political office to actually run on and defend anti-choice records.”
She then portrayed such efforts in a David and Goliath context – with the pro-abortion crowd in the role of David! While Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer funding, countless leftist celebrities and policymakers devote endless resources to ensuring abortion remains safe, legal, and taxpayer subsidized.

The pro-life movement, on the other hand, is largely developed at the grassroots level and, as this week’s March for Life events prove, is able to attract huge numbers of Americans without government handouts or celebrity endorsements. Still, this host and many like her choose to depict abortion opponents as bullies who only want to oppress women.

In Harris-Perry’s mind, the millions of Americans who want to see commonsense restrictions placed on a murderous practice makes them no better than someone who would viciously attack a female.


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