Saturday, June 14, 2014

L.M.A,O! This Is How Liberals Really Feel About Conservatives

Forget the talking head progressives. They are, to paraphrase Ben Franklin, spitting into the wind that blows in their face. They can’t abide the thought of any Tea Party victory, because they know that the general values and principles of the Tea Party are held by an overwhelming majority of Americans. It is the like of Bill Maher who are on the fringe; it just doesn’t appear so, because the progressive left own the pulpit in academia, media, pop culture, and federal politics. We, however, have the congregation. We are the congregation.
As a group of liberal talking heads, occasionally interrupted by a lone National Review contributor, discussed House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s stunning defeat on HBO’s “Real Time” Friday night, they revealed just how much they disdain conservatism.
“Eric Cantor helped create the Tea Party, and it killed him,” said guest Richard Clarke, comparing the scenario to that of Frankenstein’s monster.
Host Bill Maher called out the fact that the defeat of Cantor, who is Jewish, leaves the GOP looking pretty homogenous.
“There are 278 Republicans in Congress; they are now all Christian, and all white, except for one black senator who was appointed,” noted Maher. “So this is an entirely Christian, white party… Isn’t that scary that we’re segregating like that, or is it good?”
When talk turned to voting, Maher said, ”The only way (Republicans) win is they cheat, they stop people from voting.”
Maher and his guests then discussed the feasibility of compulsory voting and letting people vote with their cell phones, with the implication that forcing large swaths of politically-uninterested Americans to vote would benefit liberals.
Maher dug in one more jab at the GOP, saying that ”college professor” is now a slur in the Republican party.
“They hate smart people more than Mexicans!” he said.

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