Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Duplicity, Lies and the Progressive Way



OMG where do I start?

Ok, let's just start at the beginning.

  The liberal ideology is based on the philosophy that the government can take care of people.

  Liberals think that the government is good at solving big problems.  

They believe that so completely that they are OK with lying to get their policies passed. 

 They truly do believe that people are too stupid to take care of themselves, the government can do it better.  Somehow, progressive liberals have been able to call this ideology "helping people."

And, they have gotten away with it.

Conservatives, on the other had, believe in personal responsibility and freedom. 

 Conservatives believe that the government isn't very good at anything. 

 The government doesn't create anything, it just takes from some and gives to others. 

 Conservatives believe that people can take care of themselves better than the government can. 

 Liberals have successfully called this ideology selfish, stupid and racist.

We all know that Obama lied all over the country to get Obamacare passed.  Now, we all know that the architect of Obamacare went all over the place calling Americans "stupid" and laughing about getting the law passed.

But, do they hang their heads in shame and realize that the jig is up?  Nope.

Obama is doubling down on his liberal progressive agenda

.  He is going to shove amnesty down our throats, make sure that we are stuck with Obamacare and kill the Keystone Pipeline.

Interestingly, he has been able to stonewall on legislation that he doesn't like for his entire presidency and successfully blame it all on George Bush or Republicans.

Legislation for the Keystone Pipeline is going to a vote on the senate floor.  The house passed legislation that would open the pipeline, but it has been sitting on Harry Reid's desk.

Why is it being brought up now?  To save Mary Landrieu's senate seat in Louisiana and for no


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