Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Black War On White's A Black Student Told a White Teacher He Would Rape Her… What Happens Next Is Unrea


A Long Island high school teacher who was threatened with sexual assault by a student claims in a new lawsuit that she was retaliated against by school officials in Hempstead for reporting the vile threat to authorities.

Lynne Albuquerque, a science teacher, alleged the backlash was racially motivated because she is white.

The student and the school officials are black.

The student, identified in the suit only by his initials “N.L.,” allegedly threatened Albuquerque in the classroom on May 9, 2014.

“When I get done ramming you, I’m gonna bag your daughter, then ram the bitch through the whole gang,” N.L. said, according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Albuquerque notified the school district, the police and the Nassau County district attorney’s office.

The student was suspended for three days, but the penalty was later reversed, Albuquerque’s lawyer Steven Morelli said.

Albuquerque was accused by a school administrator of instigating the incident. The teacher was slapped with disciplinary charges by Assistant Superintendent Rodney Gilmore relating to a workers’ compensation claim she filed for emotional trauma.
Gilmore did not return a call seeking comment.

“Certainly to bring her up on charges after everything that happened is reprehensible,” Morelli said Tuesday.

Albuquerque is the third white employee of the Hempstead Union Free School District to file a federal suit alleging racial discrimination by district officials, Morelli said.
“It seems to me there is a serious problem in the district when white teachers and administrators are subjected to unfair treatment,” Morelli said.

Albuquerque is described in the suit as a dedicated and effective teacher — every one of her students passed the state Regents exam in the 2014-2015 school year, the suit said.

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