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Social Justice Warriors, You Can’t Pretend to Be ‘Pro-Science’ While You Claim That Men Can Have Babies, No Social Justice Warriors,That Would Be A Confused Gender Women, Claim Debunked Again, Proving Again That Social Justice Warriors Are Idiots

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This is a Real Women.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010, Here we go again, more bad reporting on the Oregon woman who claims to be a man. This time it's from Australia. 

An Australian newspaper recently reported that "Thomas Beatie" had given birth to "his" third child – a product of artificial insemination. 

Of course, the journalists reporting this story as "fact" got their facts all wrong.

A woman who “became a man” and then decided that “he” still wanted to have a baby. Key passage:

Sometimes I like to fantasize that I live in a sane country filled with mentally stable people. It’s a nice thing to imagine, but I can never indulge the fantasy for very long. Reality has a tendency to intrude. Just recently I was awoken from such a daydream when I read that Bradley Manning, who is serving a 35-year prison sentence for espionage, will receive taxpayer-funded “gender reassignment surgery.”
To put it plainly, Manning will be castrated so that he can more fully live out the delusion that he’s a woman named Chelsea. Liberals have celebrated the news, declaring that it’s “medically necessary” to mutilate Manning’s genitals because he’s “really a woman inside,” and no woman should be forced to keep the penis that was assigned to her at birth without her consent.
Of course, this news comes only days after Brown University announced it will be putting tampons in the men’s room because, according to the Ivy League school, “not all the people who menstruate are women.”
And that move was made public around the same time that the NCAA decided to pull its championship games out of North Carolina to punish the state for not allowing cross-dressing men to pee in the ladies’ room.
And that news came to us a couple of days after Time published an article titled, “My Brother’s Pregnancy,” which tells the inspiring story of
But what if you are born into a female body, know you are a man and still want to participate in the traditionally exclusive rite of womanhood? What kind of man are you then?
Another way of phrasing that: What if you are born a woman, know you are a man, but want to remain a woman after you become a man? What then?
(Answer: intense psychotherapy.)
And all of this happened a few days before the leftist media threw a collective hissy fit because Donald Trump’s proposed maternity leave policy doesn’t include men. This “controversy” led to one of the more bizarre Twitter interactions I’ve ever seen:

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