Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Message To Conservative!

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As Conservative! when the left put out talking point on any thing, we Conservative look at and flip the narrative, that mean we change it and we go in to Remessaging,  

So Here is my list, Stating with all this gay shit.

1. Ask, would you as a straight Family , bring two gay male in to your house and bring your wife and kid's and watch the two gay male , do it doggy-style in your living room?

2. Same Sex Marriage, go to Wrong Sex Marriage, why it the wrong sex act in the Marriage bed.

2.Same-Sex Families, go to Wrong Sex Families. Why it the Wrong Sex To Be a Familially.

3. Same Sex Adoption, go to Wrong Sex Adoption, why it the wrong sex adopting kid.s

4.Same Sex Attraction, go to Wrong Sex Attraction, Why, It The wrong sex being Attracted, we talk about opposite sex attraction only.  

That just my list, we got fight this, we got un born kid,s lining up the be born and can not let grow up, in all this gay madness.

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