Saturday, November 30, 2013

School Omits “Male,” “Female” Gender Options

The radical left has an insatiable desire to uproot all of our society’s sexual mores. Whether allowing adolescent boys to use the girls’ facilities at school or rationalizing pedophilia, it seems the only form of sexuality these activists do not enthusiastically support is that found within the confines of heterosexual marriage.
The debate extends to gender identity, a relatively recent issue that has been hawked by the mainstream media to the point a casual observer might assume that half of our society suffers from hermaphroditism.
In fact, an infinitesimally small, though incredibly vocal, minority of Americans identify with another gender, switch between genders, or choose to present themselves as androgynous. The rest of the nation, in turn, is expected to change our language to accommodate these individuals.

As prospective college students weigh their options, many fill out multiple applications featuring boilerplate questions regarding age, background, and gender. At Bellevue, however, some of the choices are bewildering.

For instance, applicants cannot chose “male” or “female” when describing their gender despite the fact that the application offers six responses to the query. Instead, the school offers the choices of androgynous, gender neutral, feminine, masculine, transgender, or other.

A response that in generations past would have required no thought whatsoever has now become unbelievably convoluted.

Furthermore, a prompt to choose sexual orientation also offers six potential responses. Applicants may choose from bisexual, gay, lesbian, queer, straight/heterosexual, or other.

The school’s LGBTQ Center adviser, Colin Donovan, said the changes will help determine how “gender variant students” are performing.

A statistically insignificant portion of our society has been afforded undue influence over American culture through the left’s pervasive gospel of tolerance. The vast majority of citizens, meanwhile, are encountering ever increasing pressure to acquiesce to the politically correct worldview.

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