Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hope: Not All College Students Have Lost Their Minds Today Some College Students Self-Absorbed and Narcissistic’

If you’ve been following the recent demonstrations going on at the University of Missouri, Claremont McKenna, and Princeton, you may be deeply concerned about the future of this country. And for good reason. When college professors and deans are being forced to resign for literally nothing at all, there’s a big problem. When students are suddenly “oppressed” by statues and former presidents, you may be forgiven for thinking the world has gone mad

But if a group called the Princeton Open Campus Coalition is any indication, maybe there is still hope for an America where reason and logic trump emotion and idiocy. -  The Coalition was formed in response to the recent campus protests, most of which were directed towards the legacy of President Woodrow Wilson (of all things.) 

Now the Coalition is pleading with Princeton’s leaders not to give in to every irrational demand these protesters make.with a powerful statement that every university in the country should adopt as their new motto:( We firmly believe that there should be no space at a university in which any member of the community, student or faculty, is “safe” from having his or her most cherished and even identity-forming values challenged. It is the very mission of the university to seek truth by subjecting all beliefs to critical, rational scrutiny) 

Unfortunately, well-written letters and reasonable arguments and “truth” aren’t much valued in 2015’s version of America. - 

You want to be heard? (Go Riot) But hey, if you like the idea of living in a country where we submit to violence and threats keep on keeping on. You’re going to get exactly what you want, But As The President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University Everett Piper put it “This is not a day care,” Piper concluded. “This is a university!” I might add Free speech—the right of anyone to criticize and evaluate the claims of anyone else,is the best environment for discovering political, social, economic, scientific truths, ideological absolutists cannot tolerate criticism, 
Insult fundamentalists justify their efforts to restrict speech with the catchphrase, “Freedom of speech is not the same as the freedom to offend.” In fact, there is no freedom of speech if people cannot offend

Nothing undercuts the power and propaganda of tyrants and Liberal zealots more then the right of people to speak and write uncensored. In a free society,  There a plane leaving for Fantasy Island enjoy your trip! .I am sure that Tattoo would love to hang out with you! but when to plane leave and you stay behind be sure to stay living your T.V show  that all that it is a T.V Show for us living in the real world not M.T.V we understand that being offend is just a way of life, Get Over it! 

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