Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Emperor Jerry Brown IS A Lying About Being (Pro- Choice) Bye Sign The Childhood Vaccine Bill, The Emperor Being Say I Will Not Be Pro- Choice Here And Will Tell Women In Calf, What To Do, So Much For Being Pro- Choice?


Governor Brown made the egregious mistake of pushing the childhood vaccine bill.  In so doing he has profoundly alienated a quite large and very zealous anti-vax crowd.  There is an even bigger group which in not anti-vax, but who would rather vaccinate their children selectively, without being subjected to any mandatory vaccines.  So outraged are they by his approval of SB 277 that this sole political fiasco may be the final straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Truly, if ever the normally astute Governor made a fateful political miscalculation, signing that vaccine legislation was it.  Yes, Big Pharma and the U.S Government are on his side, but a HUGE number of Californians are not.  Those anti-vax crusaders feel much more strongly about not having their children poked and pricked with needles oozing with toxic ingredients than the pro-vaxers feel about receiving their annual vaccine fix.

Brown’s major faux pas here was greatly underestimating the depth and breadth of anger which has been incited throughout the entire the anti-vax movement.  We’re talking about REAL anger and outrage, ire and fury.  This boiling sentiment will not cool down; it will only intensify for the remainder of brown’s term in office.

California has long been the bastion against forced vaccination programs.  By signing off on SB 277, Governor Brown may have signed his own pink slip.

It must be remembered that the 2003 recall election of Democratic Governor Gray Davis successfully replaced him with the Republican political novice Arnold Schwarzenegger. This initiative was only undertaken because of the California electricity crisis which left state finances in disarray.  Their was sufficient evidence of Davis’s culpability and ineptitude regarding the whole Enron price manipulation scandal, having taken place on his watch, to fuel the recall effort.

Fast forward to 2015 and we see another Democratic governor who, this time, is clearly guilty of “gross mismanagement” of the California drought.  On top of that ongoing debacle, he just signed a draconian vaccine law that will “Irreparably Harm The Children Of California”.  Gov. Brown doesn’t even seem to have a clue about how profound these betrayals really are.
Clearly, Governor Jerry Brown has now violated the public trust to such a degree that he can no longer be trusted. He must go. He must be chased away from the once great state of California. But first he must be recalled and never allowed to hold public office again.
Californians Determined To RECALL Governor Jerry Brown
July 5, 2015

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