Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Neal Caffrey IS Gay In White Collar Well That End That.

Matt Bomer

Neal Caffrey is an ex-white collar conman who has been arrested by the FBI, but released with one stipulation: that he assist the FBI in catching and arresting the nation’s most high-profile white-collar criminals. At his core, Caffrey is a hyper-intelligent, eloquent, sly mastermind, but underneath, he was really a kind of diehard romantic who would go to any lengths to find the love of his life. He’s had multiple relationships in the show with women, even breaking out of prison once to visit one of them.
Matt Bomer has three sons with his husband, publicist Simon Halls, whom he married in 2011. Although he never hid the fact that he is gay, Bomer first publically acknowledged he was gay by thanking his partner and his family during an acceptance speech in 2012.

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