Beck, who believes liberal billionaire George Soros is funding the Black Lives Matter movement, says the billionaire’s goal is to reach a brokered GOP convention this summer “because he knows that will cause all kinds of problems.”
Soros reportedly also helped finance the Occupy Wall Street protests in 2011.
“When you see Black Lives Matter, I want you to understand, we’ve already been through this,” Beck told listeners Monday on The Glenn Beck Radio Program. “This is Occupy Wall Street — Black Lives Matter, the Muslim Brotherhood. This is the Occupy Wall Street movement, version two.”
According to Beck, these protesters are wanting conservatives to react, to “strike back.”
“When we didn’t strike back,” Beck said, “they disappeared.”
However, with the rise of Trump, Beck believes Black Lives Matter protesters think conservatives are now in a place where they will react.
“But the minute [protesters] found, ‘Oh, we can get somebody to strike back at us, it’s going to cause riots in the street.’ This is George Soros, remember,” Beck said. “Top-down, bottom-up, inside-out. That’s George Soros because he saw it work in Hungary when the communists took over.”
“You get enough of your people in the government, you get riots on the street, the people — the regular people — scream out and say, ‘Somebody has got to make this stop,’” he continued. “The top comes down, turns the country inside out, and it’s over.”
Beck concluded that the worst reaction is for conservatives to “respond in anger and violence.”