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Indulging Confused Gender Fantasies Makes Them Worse! Stop Using Trans/ Gender It A Made Up Word! It Don’t be fooled. This Is All About Gaining Control Of The Minds And Bodies Of Children.

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From the time I was nine, my father decided he was a woman. He became “Becky.” Sort of.
The truth is no amount of hormones or cosmetic surgery could change my dad into a female. Of course, not even a simulated tampon could change his natural biological sex. His DNA still said male in every cell. No matter how much make-up, cosmetic surgery, and dresses he wore, my dad was a male who, after all, had fathered children with my mother. That is reality.

We are in the cultural grip of what the American Psychological Association celebrates and champions: creating a genderless society at the cost of reality. Glamour magazine recently naming Caitlyn Jenner its 2015 “Woman of the Year” is only the tip of the iceberg. So society continues down delusional lane by reinforcing unhealthy ideals of gender and favoring a pretend world of identity politics that manufacturers gender-confused children. These children are being pushed to reject their bodies as biologically male or female. Instead, they’re being told to choose a range of gender fantasies.

It is telling that media’s most celebrated transgender boy, Jazz Jennings, told Cosmopolitan: “A lot of transgender individuals are attracted to mermaids and I think it’s because they don’t have any genitals, just a beautiful tail.”

Mermaids are neither real nor human. This is a make-believe world that tells children never to grow up, and to live forever in their fantasies.

Americans can no longer believe that this issue will not affect them personally. It already does. Hollywood produces shows such as “Becoming Us,” “Orange is The New Black,” “Jazz,” and Bruce Jenner’s reality show to make sure they come into your living room. Many Americans are naïve to the bigger implications behind the transgender movement, which destabilizes the family unit.

Just look at what’s happened in Oregon. Legislation there allows 15-year-old children to have sex reassignment surgery without parental consent, even though these children would need their parents’ consent to get a tattoo, smoke, or donate blood. Lori Potter of Parents Rights and Education says, “This is trespassing on the hearts, the minds, the bodies of our children. They’re our children. And for a decision, a life-altering decision like that to be done unbeknownst to a parent or guardian. It’s mindboggling.”

These kinds of laws and bills should be considered child abuse. Especially when 70 percent to 80 percent of those kids will spontaneously lose those feelings, according to Paul McHugh, the former chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University and one of the few honest voices on this. Meanwhile, the rest of the medical profession enthusiastically embraces this idea, alongside the big pharmaceutical companies.

The media shuts up any messages that counter the one the message that Caitlyn Jenner conveys on the cover of Vanity Fair. We’re just supposed to accept as fact that one can go from being a 60-year-old man to a 20-year-old pinup despite biological reality, genetics, and the lack of a backward time travel machine. Reality these days is whatever a person can imagine and pay for. And whatever culture applauds.

We’re Ruining People’s Lives for Fantasies

Here is the truth I lived. No matter what surgery or hormones one takes, his or her biology, neurology, and genetic composition remain the same, just like that of my dad’s. Yes, he called himself Becky. But my dad was male. He was a son, husband, and father.

On the most basic level, children are left abandoned to search out other male role models because their own father is busy playing Rita Hayworth.
The goal of the transgender movement is to destroy reality, which destroys childhood, as well as families, wives, children, and parents. What is left in its place is the media’s “new normal.”
The human costs to the individual and the family are real. Parents are essentially being told their son Henry never existed, but that instead they have a daughter, Heather. And Henry’s wife needs to accept her same-sex marriage, which is not what she had intended when she married Henry. Not only does this try to dismiss the purpose of male and female bonding, it also demands that everybody continuously role-play in the transgender’s personal delusion.

On the most basic level, children are left abandoned to search out other male role models because their own father is busy playing Rita Hayworth. The family also learns that now their new daughter Heather has found an entire community of other folks who are celebrating her as a brave hero and demonizing her entire family. Heather is essentially cut off as this new community gains control and reinforces the delusion. That’s what cults do.

Don’t be fooled. This is all about gaining control of the minds and bodies of children.

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