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Asexuality Is A Other Brain-Less Buss Word, But they Claim That Asexuality Is Sexual Orientation Characterized By A Persistent Lack Of Sexual Attraction Toward Man Or Women, Even One Born With Opposite Sex Attraction, Untill Some-One Lied To Them And Who Might That Be? Asexuality Claim Dubunked!

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Science Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Flirting and Myths in the Real World

History of attraction between men and women is not new but no matter how much you talk and write about this subject, it still offers freshness, excitement and has endless possibilities for explanation.

Science Of Opposite Sex Attraction, Flirting and Myths in the Real World

This attraction gives you different meaning and offer different pleasures at various ages and what’s your relationship status. This attraction has 365 shades and each one is full swing on your relationship status and what your age is. To show your desperation (in positive ways) flirting is a preferred way all over the world and probably the standard.

When you are single you often flirt to send messages loud and clear that you are single and ready to mingle (all possible ways). When you are in relationship, you still have the right to flirt, but flirting when you are in a relationship is considered as a step towards cheating. At times flirting with others can help your relationship with your existing partner as you feel more happy and attracted towards life.
The myth going around the world is that we need to come out of our thinking that it’s fine that you are impressed by someones good looks and beauty. It’s perfectly alright praising and flirting (make sure you don’t do it in front of your partner). There is difference between flirting and cheating when you are in a relationship. Doing a two-timing affair is cheating or having an attachment (emotionally and physically) between two individual is cheating.

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