Sunday, February 5, 2017

Appeals Court Benies Trump Administration Request To Restore Travel Ban, Now Liberal Lying Again, About Travel Ban Dose North Carolina, Ring A Bell

The department on Saturday advised refugee aid agencies that refugees set to travel before Trump signed his order will now be allowed in. A State Department official said in an email obtained by The Associated Press that the government was “focusing on booking refugee travel” through Feb. 17 and working to have arrivals resume as soon as Monday.

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Let see, how many time , have liberal Ban thing,s let count the way, Things Liberals Want To Ban,

1. Happy Meal Toys - In California, 

2.Sugary Drinks - In 2012,. then New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

3.Ban on single-use carryout bags,

4.Ban On Gun's ,  Ban on Toy Guns - In the Ohio House,, 

5.Bottled Water - In San Francisco, the Board of Supervisors approved a measure that bans the sale of bottled water at events held on city property.,

6. Horse-drawn Carriages - While not the law yet, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has every intention of banning horse-drawn carriages in the city. ,

7. Goldfish - The San Francisco Animal Control & Welfare Commission proposed a ban on selling goldfish to prevent their inhumane suffering. In 2011.  here we caught liberal lying again, about Travel Ban

1. California Slams North Carolina Bill With New Travel Ban ,  3 Big Cities Ban Travel to North Carolina,

2. Governor Cuomo Bans Non-Essential State Travel to North Carolina ...Officials in almost 20 cities, including Cincinnati, have joined five states and the District of Columbia in banning government-sponsored travel to North Carolina, where the governor signed a bill three weeks ago that mandates transgender Individuals use the public restroom that matches their gender at birth. so liberal do ban Travel after all.

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