Wednesday, February 22, 2017

STAY IN THE STREETS TO STOP TRUMP / PENCE, S.J.W Idiot's Using The Same Play Bush 43 Play Book, Hear All This Before, S.J.W Vs Fascist Bush, Ecip Face Plant

 S.J.W There using the same play Bush 43 play book, hear all this before

 Is the Bush Administration Fascist? WARNING FASCISM!!!! WHAT HAS OBAMA DONE TO OUR COUNTRY, Obama's Fascist Impulses 'Fascism!': Bob Beckel Explodes At Obama Administration Over NSA Phone Records Grab - The Five Obama = Fascist or Communist ?  Who’s The Fascist? Barack Obama, Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? When liberals lose the argument, they resort to name-calling.,One of their favorite lines is “You’re a fascist!”

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