Wednesday, March 15, 2017

S.J.W! Should Have to Prove Scientifically, What In The Hell Trans Feminine, IS? W,T.F.

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Transmasculine/feminine is a non binary gender identity that some adopt if they feel uncomfortable identifying fully as binary trans but they feel mostly male or female. If there was a kinsey scale for gender identity from 1-5 it would be analogous to 2 or 4 on the scale or even 1.5 or 4.5. It's a personal choice that depends on a person's subjective feeling and there are no criteria that places one person as binary trans and another as transmasculine/feminine...

Transmasculine and transfeminine are catch-all phrases, too. Transfeminine identities cover all trans people on the feminine end of things, from non-op, nonbinary individuals to mtf transsexuals; and the opposite is true of transmasculine individuals.

More often than not, though, Eveline is absolutely correct - because most people I've known to use transmasculine/transfeminine as opposed to transmale/ftm/transman or transfemale/mtf/transwoman are not comfortable with the latter terms, or don't identify on the binary.

Think of transgender as one big umbrella, and transmasc/transfemme as two smaller umbrellas under that umbrella.

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