Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teen Vogue S.J.W Writer Attempt To Delegitimize the Bible? But Will Teen Vogue S.J.W Attempt To Delegitimize the Quran AS Well?

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The paradigm of “fake news” media has been strengthened this year by the clear dividing line between Trump and the mainstream media. On one hand, Trump is outspoken about his disdain for the media, and on the other, the media is clear about its disdain for him.
In fact, according to a Harvard study released earlier this year, more than 90 percent of coverage of Trump’s first 100 days as president by a number of media outlets was negative of Trump. These figures often validate Trump’s media criticisms to his followers and supporters.
But the Bible, which is the Christian holy book, is seen by many as the inerrant word of God written by dozens of people who were filled and led by God’s spirit.
Bible critics typically pull verses from the Bible out of context to prove that the Bible is error-ridden, but a deep understanding of each book of the Bible and how they fit together is vital to understanding the book’s overall narrative arc.
Even many of the book’s alleged contradictions, some of which are said to appear in the Gospels, aren’t really contradictions at all. Scholars say that the so-called contradictions are merely differences in detail and that the overall themes and ideas are the same. For instance, the Gospels are point-of-view stories about Jesus and his life, so the way that Matthew experienced them were different than Peter, John or any of Jesus’ other disciples.
However, Duca’s attempt to delegitimize the Bible in order to legitimize the media was widely seen as very unsavory and an example of why reason Trump won — and people were quick to rebuke Duca on Twitter:

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