Sunday, August 3, 2014

Progressives and Democrats Can Only Sell One Thing: Free Stuff

The party of "ask not what your country can do for you" has changed to "vote for me and you will never work again; you can live off the back's of those that choose to be responsible in their daily lives

The only things Progressives fight for and sell to the citizenry and the voters can be boiled down to this: Free Stuff. Period.
They abhor self-reliance, independence and personal responsibility. 

Recently, Doug Sosnik wrote an article at Politico where he posited that“The victory of cultural liberalism has not been accompanied by a desire for a more active federal government”. This must be up for the award for the most ludicrous statement ever published. Does he live here?
Remember that long ago case called Hobby Lobby? What did progressives want? For the FEDS to force employers to pay for every type of contraception, including any health insurance co-pay. In other words: FREE.
Every entitlement or “right” the modern day moneyed progressive desires, they seek to do so with the threat of the federal government enforcing it. That way, folks cannot vote with their feet and simply move. They want no escape from their laws and tenets once established and that can only be accomplished federally. Ergo, the idea of sovereign states and the 10th Amendment is repellent to the modern progressive and the current Democrats in power.
Progressives and the current iteration of the Democratic Party are indolent salesmen. How easy is it to promise free things? Offering overpriced goods with the hook of balloons, neon signs and free hamburgers for the fam’. This should be especially insulting to any enterprising, self-respecting, freedom loving American. 
Break it down. Their message is that you simply cannot acquire things on your own. You simplydon’t have within yourself the wherewithal, determination or skill to do so. Not without their help. But “their help” is simply the redistribution of someone’s personal labor and production to another who didn’t produce. Fine, if we are talking about the truly needy. But we’re not.
Under ObamaCare, a married couple (who both work) with 3 kids and combined annual income of$94,000 will receive a subsidy in order to buy their health insurance. A single woman with no kids who makes $31,000 receives squat, zilch, nada. And her taxes pay for the aforementioned family’s subsidy. Nice, huh? Too bad for her Obama is in charge. I sure hope she didn’t vote for him. 
Oh wait, single women voted nearly 70% for the Anointed One. I wonder what the results would have been if they knew that their vote would end up forcing them to pay for health insurance for the family down the block who makes more than three times what they do.

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