Monday, January 5, 2015

Black Protesters Storm NYC Restaurants to Target and Harrass White Customers

Black protesters targeted White people eating brunch today at multiple New York City restaurants in a sickening, coordinated racist action they called #BlackBrunch.
On the same day that the NYPD buried two of its officers who were executed by anti-police protester Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, his former brethren joined hands and screamed racial epithets at White customers, even bringing one woman to tears.

Why does he have “no right” to be there? He is a paying customer. Oh yeah, he’s an evil White male, so he must be automatically guilty of something.
Hundreds of protesters stormed the restaurants simultaneously to harass both customers and staff of at least 6 eateries around the city.

What does that have to do with “White people” eating lunch?
Here is a shot of how the mob surrounded and harassed White eaters at popular brunch spot Penelope on Lexington Avenue just after noon:

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