Saturday, January 17, 2015

According to the latest Quinniac Poll, Majority of White and Hispanic New Yorkers Say Sharpton is a Negative Force

New Yorkers rate Sharpton unfavorably by 53 to 29 percent. 73 percent of whites and 49 percent of Hispanics view him unfavorably. Among blacks, his favorability rating is at only 56 percent. Democrats view him favorably by 38 percent to 45 percent unfavorable.

This should and does raise serious questions about the obsession some Dem politicians, like Obama, Hillary and De Blasio have with kissing the old bigot’s ring.

And indeed, a majority of New Yorkers said Sharpton has far too much influence over Bill de Blasio. 55 percent of whites think so. As do 35 percent of Hispanics.

The overall percentage of those who do increased sharply during the racist #BlackLivesMatter protests to become a majority.

52 percent of New Yorkers say Sharpton is a negative force. Only 37 percent say he’s a positive force.

70 percent of white New Yorkers say he’s a negative force. So do 51 percent of Hispanics. Meanwhile 67 percent of blacks insist that the bigot is a positive force. Interestingly enough that’s a larger number than the black favorability rating for Sharpton suggesting that blacks may not like him that much, but find him useful.

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