Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Progressive are rewriting America’s History to Create an Ignorant Electorate.

Liberals are rewriting America’s history to create a past that does not exist and to eradicate the one the does. Their goal is to create an indoctrinated electorate that is ignorant of its own past and, as a result, easily led into a questionable future. Liberals like President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Hillary Clinton live in a fantasyland of their own making. My colleague, Jim Guirard, a Washington, D. C. based attorney and long-time Chief of Staff to former Senator Russell Long, calls this leftwing fantasyland the “OPRAH Land Plantation (Obama-Pelosi-Reid-And-Hillary Land.” In this fantasyland, society can be made perfect—as Liberals define perfect—if only we spend enough government money on it. But liberals face an interesting problem in trying to shape America’s future in their own image. That problem is America’s past.
The reader has probably heard the maxim that the best guide to the future is the past. We usually interpret this to mean that knowing the past will help us avoid repeating errors as we move into the future, but it can also mean being guided by what was done right in the past. The past is precursor to the future and herein, as they say, is the rub. There is nothing in America’s past that supports where liberals are trying to take our country in the future. In fact, just the opposite is true. Our Founders had a vision for America that runs counter to the vision of today’s liberals in all respects. It was a vision of self-government by free people who were willing to govern themselves so that government did not have to. It was a vision of personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets, and limited government. This is why liberals are rewriting history. None of these things comport with the left’s agenda of big government, burdensome regulations, entitlement, statism, and lifelong dependence.
The Founders sacrificed dearly to establish a nation based on their vision. Their founding principles—personal responsibility, individual liberty, free markets, and limited government—are difficult to square with the future today’s liberals envision for America: big government; liberties that are increasingly infringed on by burdensome, unnecessary regulations; a society of entitled finger-pointers who refuse to accept responsibility for themselves or their actions and who think they are owed a living; a permanent underclass that is completely dependent on the government; high taxes; and a statist/socialist economy.
Students who learn the truth about America’s history—the truth about the Founders’ vision—are better prepared to judge the viability of the liberal agenda that is now the accepted norm in education from Kindergarten through college. This is why liberals fear well-informed students and, in turn, a well-informed electorate. Americans who know the truth about our nation’s past are well-armed to ask some inconvenient questions of liberal politicians who are trying to take our country in the wrong direction. So how do liberals like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and Clinton handle the threat of an informed electorate?
Writing or The Washington Times of July 21, 2014, Opinion Editor David A. Keene answered this question: “The Founder’s grand experiment is being put at risk by liberal progressive ideologues intent upon creating a citizenry ignorant of its real history, but indoctrinated to hate its country, its history and those who founded it. Enemies of free government have always understood this simple truth (that informed people are harder to fool) and have tried to recast history to lead the next generation to believe as they do. They know they can shape the policies of today and tomorrow by creating a past of their own.”
Creating a false history and substituting it for true history is precisely what liberals have been doing since the 1960s. Their efforts include: 1) Distorting America’s history to create a past that does not exist, 2) Indoctrinating naïve public school and college students to hate what is best about America, 3) Portraying the Founders and other great Americans as villains, 4) Ignoring great Americans who cannot be cast as villains but whose lives and contributions do not comport with liberal orthodoxy, and 5) Exploiting the ignorance they have created by using public schools and colleges to indoctrinate rather than educate. Collectively, these strategies are allowing liberals to take America down a path that leads to the destruction of everything our Founders envisioned and sacrificed to establish.
The on-going success of the great experiment our Founders began even before July 4, 1776 depends on an informed, thinking electorate made up of people who love our country and share the basic values of those who founded it. Young men and women do not go down to their local recruiting office and sign up to defend a nation they hate, and hate is precisely the emotion liberals want to instill in American school children and college students concerning our country. In the words of David Keene, what liberals teach school children about America is “a dark view of a nation built on aggressive racist imperialism, theft, and genocide,” and they intend to “drive those who do not agree from the public square, or at least from the classroom.” Unfortunately, with the help of such organizations as the National Education Association, College Board, and teachers’ unions they have achieved a disturbing level of progress.
The College Board establishes standards for college admissions, which means it indirectly dictates what high schools must teach. How? One of the measures of a successful high school is the percentage of its graduates who go on to college and which colleges they go to. Fail to teach what the College Board recommends and your students are less likely to be admitted to the more prestigious colleges and universities. Hence, the College Board has enormous influence over the curriculums of public schools. Not surprisingly, the College Board is a leading advocate for the left’s nefarious agenda.
The College Board no longer recommends teaching history courses that include the Founders, the principles upon which our country was founded, or the values that led our Founders to break away from the smothering grasp of Great Britain and establish self-government. The framework provided to high schools by the College Board represents a gross distortion of America’s history and a purposefully negative view of our founding principles. Several of our more prominent Founders are not even mentioned in the framework, yet public school decision makers blindly accept and implement the framework. The College Board’s framework is one of the most influential factors in establishing high school curriculums. It is also the framework textbook publishers consult in developing textbooks.
Although a small percentage of American students still receive a solid education in Christian schools and home-schools, the majority are being indoctrinated in public schools by leftist elites who hate America and believe our Founders were nothing but a bunch of patriarchal tyrants and racist bigots. One problem with this kind of thinking—among many problems—is that if these leftist elites on the College Board, in Congress, and in the White House had been around in 1776, America would still be a British colony that had expanded no farther than the east coast. These anti-American elites on the left are the same intellectual hypocrites who call terrorism “workplace violence” and who pander to violent terrorists who are determined to bring America down. If the terrorists who want to destroy America were smart they would simply sit back and bide their time. Give it a few more years and liberals in the Democratic Party will do their dirty work for them.

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