Monday, May 11, 2015

A Liberal Studied Conservative Brains And Made A Discovery He Never Expected

Generally articles about conservatism vs liberalism basically say that one rules and one drools, depending on who the author voted for in 2012.  In this case, it was written by someone at, who admitted that this is a problem for the left. We give credit where it’s due here.
He’s also selling a book called “The Republican Brain: The Science of Why They Deny Science—and Reality,” because his publisher rejected the original titles, “Arbitrary Liberal Buzzwords that Don’t Really Mean Anything.”

Some choice nuggets…
47 percent of conservative Republicans said they were “very happy,” compared with just 28 percent of liberal Democrats…this result could not simply be attributed to the seemingly obvious cause: differences in income levels between the left and the right. Rather, for every income group in the study, conservative Republicans were happier than Democrats.
One striking finding is that conservatives tend to be less neurotic — or, more emotionally stable — than liberals. It is part of the inherent definition of neuroticism that one is less happy — more fretful, more depressed.
That means they probably make more friends and feel more comfortable in groups and communities. They’re more sociable. Once again, this probably helps confer a subjective sense of greater happiness.
To the author’s credit, he didn’t try to make excuses for this.  It was more of just sounding the alarm for his leftist followers to stop being so miserable all the time.
Conservatism vs Liberalism: conservatives can haz cupcakes… and liberals can’t enjoy cupcakes when there’s so much alleged income “inequality.”

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