Thursday, May 7, 2015

Don't believe the pill kills babies?


t’s basic biology: We know that in sexual reproduction, human life begins at the beginning—when sperm penetrates an oocyte and the chromosomes combine to form a unique human individual. 

It’s basic embryology: We know that in sexual reproduction, human life begins in the fallopian tubes at the moment of creation—not in the womb. 

It’s in the package insert: We know the pill thins the lining of the uterus (endometrium), making implantation of the embryo difficult, if not impossible. 

It’s a phenomenal lie and it’s history: ACOG changed the definition of “conception” from the moment of creation to the time of implantation in its very first terminology bulletin in September 1965 to accommodate pre-implantation abortions caused by contraceptives. That enables proponents of the pill and other abortifacient birth control to untruthfully claim that it does not cause abortions. 

The lies continue to grow as Planned Parenthood uses contraception as its rallying cry for its supposed war on women, literally forcing religious institutions and businesses to give up their freedoms and kowtow to the contraceptive mandate. 
Here’s the truth: Dr. Dianne Irving has written extensively on embryology and the lies that are perpetrated in the name of science to justify pre-implantation abortions. If you want to become extremely literate and articulate on creation and implantation of the early human embryo versus scientific fraud, begin here with Dr. Irving’s documentation andexcellent explanation.

Then join The Pill Kills Truth National Day of Action. Learn more at  

The Pill Kills Truth—But you can make a huge impact with just a little planning and effort 

Join American Life League on Saturday, June 6, to shine the light across America as we roll out The Pill Kills Truth campaign to local communities throughout the nation. Here are two simple things that you can do to get the ball rolling in your community: 

1. Plan a local day of action. To plan your local event, click here. Remember, a local event can be as simple as taking The Pill Kills signs to Planned Parenthood. All the resources you need are at the link above. To learn more about how The Pill Kills truth, visit our home page.

Then please let us know you plan to participate and/or cosponsor the Day of Action by filling out this simple form.
Questions? E-mail or  

2. Sign on as a cosponsoring group. Cosponsor the National Day of Action. Last year we had over 100 sponsoring groups! Fill out this form to become a cosponsor. 

Cost: It’s free to cosponsor the National Day of Action! 

Benefits: Free national media exposure for your group and a great opportunity to attract free local media attention. Once the media identifies you as someone who will speak out intelligently against the pill, they will likely call you for comment on future stories.    

You do not have to hold a local Day of Action to become a cosponsor for the National Day of Action, but we hope you will. This is hometown, grassroots activism at its best. Holding a National Day of Action is how we educate and develop local resistance to the birth control agenda of Planned Parenthood.

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