Saturday, May 16, 2015

Harry Reid Admits the Democrat Party has No Good Presidential Contenders

The corrupt and decrepit leader of the Democrat Party in the Senate, Harry Reid (D-NV), is on his last legs in politics (hold down the cheering folks), and that’s a good thing for America. But until he finally does walk away from Washington for good, we’ll have to deal with his interviews with the media where he does his level best to spin the prevailing story into good news for the Democrats. For example, back in 2008, he tired to argue that having a viciously contentious primary between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was a good and healthy thing for the Democrat Party. Now he’s trying to argue that having a primary where Hillary Clinton faces no real competition is also a good thing.
Now, it’s not like we expect Harry Reid to be honest. We’ve been watching him long enough to know that lying comes easier to him than breathing… but we at least hope for some creativity in his lies.
The truth about the 2016 election for the Democrat Party is that they are dying. They are older than Republicans, and they have no real fresh blood on the horizon. While Republicans have a wealth of young, fresh talent at every level and in almost every state – the Democrats are being forced to bring back retreads and has-beens in races across the country, all in an effort to just be competitive.
From the Cook Political Report notice who the Democrats are hanging their Senate hopes on in 2016.
Today, The Cook Political Report puts two Republican-held seats in the “Toss Up” category—the open seat in Florida and Kirk in Illinois. That toss-up column will certainly grow as the recruiting season progresses. If Democratic Gov. Maggie Hassan challenges Ayotte in New Hampshire,former Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan runs against Republican Sen. Richard Burr in North Carolina, and former Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold stages a rematch with Johnson in Wisconsin, all of those races would become toss-ups. Democrats are trying to recruit a stronger candidate in Pennsylvania to challenge Toomey. If they succeed, Toomey would also land in the toss-up column. Ohio, where Republican Sen. Rob Portman is seeking a second term, has the potential to end up in the toss-up column as well. 

 So, Harry, the truth is far more pessimistic than you let on…

Jose Diaz-Balart: Let’s talk a little bit about 2016 a little bit more. You told my colleague Chuck Todd in 2008 — sorry, the 2008 primary between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama was, “an extremely healthy process,” you even called it wonderful. Is there concern that this time around there won’t be that vigorous debate between Democrats?
Senator Harry Reid (D-NV): Think how wonderful that primary was. Two all-stars, two people that will be in the political hall of fame no matter what happens in the future and they were involved in a primary. That was helpful. Now, right now we have Hillary Clinton and that’s it. She’s not him. There’s not another Barack Obama out there. There are no all-stars out there. She has a clear field, and I’m glad she does.

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