Thursday, December 22, 2016

Bette Midler Cracks Vulgar Joke at Kellyanne Conway’s About Her Pussy’ On Twitter, Now This IS Sexist, This IS Sexism And This Is Misogynistic, IS It Not? Can Liberal Women be Misogynistic?

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Guess she went back on a promise she made to her pussy’ she says of Trump campaign manager

Reacting to breaking news that Kellyanne Conway was joining the Trump White House as an adviser, liberal celebrity Bette Midler made a vulgar joke at the mother of four’s expense.

Kellyanne Conway accepted a job in Trump’s WH after saying she wouldn’t. I guess she went back on a promise she made to her pussy,” tweeted the actress and singer Thursday afternoon.

The vaginal reference most likely alludes to Mr. Trump’s hot-mic audio from 2005 in which he bragged about exploits with women to then-“Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

Followers were quick to respond, many negatively, to Ms. Midler’s comment.
“oh wow,i looked up to you,now i am ashamed of you. i will never buy anything you have done again. BOYCOTT time,” tweeted one female Donald Trump supporter. “Wow and I used to love your music and acting…no longer as I have lost all respect for you,” wrote another woman.

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