Sunday, June 25, 2017

Her Name Was Kaitlyn Elizabeth Duffy. She Was A White Senior At Virginia’s Great Bridge High School, And IS Now Dead!

 So Other White Girl Is Dead, When Will This End? All The White being killed it got to end!

Her name was Kaitlyn Elizabeth Duffy. She was a senior at Virginia’s Great Bridge High School, and this summer she would have celebrated her recent graduation.

Known affectionately as “Katie” by friends and family, Duffy was an admired member of the varsity cheerleading team and the swim team. She was also a violinist, National Honor Society inductee, former student council president, and certified lifeguard.

Duffy had recently been accepted to attend Virginia Tech in the fall, as a Harry Bramhall Gilbert Merit Scholarship Award recipient. According to a classmate’s post on Twitter, she had also been voted Great Bridge prom queen.

But Duffy wasn’t here to enjoy this latest in a long line of glowing achievements. She also won’t be among the incoming Virginia Tech freshmen this fall.

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