Sunday, June 25, 2017

Over the past 10 years, violence has taken the lives of 114 Sacramento teens

The Answer IS liberal social issues. Liberal Care More About There  social issues and so this is what happen, Two IS Also Show , That As Liberal push for a more god less nation is will get worse.

Young people between the ages of 15 and 19 were twice as likely to be killed in Sacramento County as the general population. More teens were killed by gunshot wounds to the head than by any other means, and guns were used to kill teenagers here at a significantly higher rate than the national average.

Here are the 114 teenagers who died violently in Sacramento County since 2007
  • has claimed the lives of 114 teens in Sacramento since 2007, with a higher murder rate than state and national averages for this age group. Nearly all were killed by guns, about 40 percent are unsolved, and all leave families desperately clinging to memories of lost children and dreams of what lives they may have led.
  • murder rate among Sacramento teens since 2007 was much higher than the federal rate and young people here were twice as likely to die of homicide as those in any other age group.

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