Monday, June 19, 2017

The Right Is Not Winning The Culture War – The Left Is Losing It?

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conservatives yield a significant degree of influence when it comes to culture? Or is conservatism’s cultural influence almost entirely determined by whether or not the Left cannibalizes itself? To pose this more specifically: Are people now beginning to reject a hegemonic effort to force everyone to view victimhood as virtuous because conservatism is leading them to reject it? Or is the notion so outrageous that the Left’s attempt to push it is simply backfiring horrendously? It is almost undeniably the latter.

In other words, the Right is not winning — the Left is losing. Conservative values are not triumphing. Instead, a far-left attempt to constantly reinforce our immutable differences is finally being exposed for its intellectual and moral hollowness. This is nonetheless an important distinction to make. Even Trump’s election did not happen because he won everyone’s hearts and inspired a massive turnout, it was because Hillary had no clear message and had terrible voter turnout. Trump won because Clinton lost. Likewise, conservatives are not winning; liberals and progressives are losing. Unlike the election, though, the campaign for cultural dominance is an ongoing one.
It follows that you don’t want the success of your “team” (for lack of a better word) to be predicated on the failure of your opponent. I mean you’ll certainly take the W when it happens, but it’s never a recipe for long-term success. Saying that the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA championship last year is not the same thing as saying that the Golden State Warriors lost it. The 2016 Warriors were up 3-1 in the series against the Cavaliers and they blew that lead. The championship was theirs to lose and they lost it. Yes, as a consequence the Cavs did win the 2016 championship and it required considerable effort on their part, but after going 73-9 during the regular season and 15-6 in the playoffs, the Warriors hadn’t lost three games in a row before they blew their 3-1 lead to the Cavs. So what did the Warriors do? They not so casually picked up Kevin Durant, the second-best player in the league and went on to take the championship right back from Cleveland the next year.

Similarly, the direction that our culture takes is the Left’s to lose, and right now they just so happen to be losing it. However, like the Warriors, all that Democrats and progressives need to do is adjust. They need to smarten up, be a little more strategic, call an audible or two, and it’s theirs again. That’s why conservatives cannot afford to become complacent and must consider long-term cultural influences while not deviating into reactionary movements predicated on feeding off of leftist errors.
Here is a short list of self-defeating things that Democrats insist on doing that are losing them the culture war despite their considerable advantages in the establishment media, educational and political spheres:
  • Doubling down on identity politics
  • Having celebrities make videos telling us how good they are for being progressive and voting Democrat
  • Making TV shows such as, “Dear White People”
  • Making every single joke on every single late night show about Trump
  • Inserting politics into sports
  • Preventing speakers from speaking on campus
  • Diluting the meaning of terms such as white supremacy, Nazi and racist
  • Telling (white) people they somehow continue to perpetuate a non-existent system of oppression
  • Having one person claim to speak on behalf of a certain marginalized group
  • Projecting, “privilege” onto people you don’t know just because of their skin
  • Teaching one school of thought on university campuses
  • Attempting to exterminate masculinity
  • Disregarding the economic consequences of free stuff
  • Refusing to acknowledge the threat that Radical Islam poses to the West
  • Paying for refugees to come into the country and have them live in neighborhoods or houses that aren’t yours
  • Lack of facts to support most if not all their claims in attempt to support an oppression narrative (i.e cops are en masse killing black people)

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