Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ed Schultz: Employee-stiffing, tax-dodging man of the people.

MSNBC host Ed Schultz didn’t pay for his workers’ health insurance despite advocating for single-payer health care.
Schultz also supports higher taxes on the rich but structures his companies to avoid them and got in trouble over delinquent taxes for one of his companies.
And while the populist pundit opposes government bailouts for corporations, he supports them for the unions that give him money.

chultz tacitly admitted that he doesn’t pay his workers health insurance by using a third-person construction to describe their situation, even though he regularly attacks companies that don’t offer their workers health insurance.
“I have a North Dakota corporation that’s based in Fargo. It’s called Ed Schultz Broadcasting,” Schultz told his audience during the Ed Show on May 19, 2013. “It’s been in business since 2004 when I started my national radio show. And I have employees who have insurance. I have some that don’t.”

In fact, Schultz owns two North Dakota companies — Ed Schultz Broadcasting, LLC and E.A. Schultz Construction, LLC.
Schultz has also repeatedly called for higher taxes on the rich. On Oct. 12, 2011, Schulz advised the Democratic Party to embrace the tax-and-spend liberal attack.

“You’re damn right I’m a tax-and-spend liberal. It’s time to tax the top one percent and spend it on the working folk of America who need a job, who need a school, who need some health care — all of this,” Schultz announced. “I’m a tax-and-spend liberal. I want to tax those who have had all the breaks over the past 30 years, and I want to make sure the working folk of America have a shot.”
But while Schultz was calling for higher taxes on the rich, he wasn’t paying them himself. In June 2011 Schultz’s company E.A. Schultz Construction was hit with a tax lien for $5,100 from the State of South Dakota.
By headquartering the company in North Dakota, Schultz avoided the high corporate taxes he would have had to pay in his home state of Minnesota.
Schultz also uses his private planes to fly to New York (7.1 percent corporate income tax) during the week and to Minnesota (9.8 percent flat corporate income tax) where he lives on the weekends. (Related: Populist blowhard Ed Schultz secretly flies on his own fleet of private jets)
Schultz has also made a big deal out of government bailouts of corporations but not of bailouts that help unions, perhaps because he’s a recipient of cash from those very unions. (Related: Labor Dept. documents: MSNBC’s Ed Schultz on labor union payrolls since 2005)

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