Thursday, December 26, 2013

MSNBC: Loving Jesus Is “Interestingly Homoerotic”

Throughout its protracted ratings nosedive, cable news network MSNBC has increasingly pandered to the tiny audience of far-left radicals it has retained. Whether by mocking Christianity, labeling all whites as inherent racists, or championing the homosexual lobby’s cause, this sham of a news organization has a limited bag of ideological tricks.

in a desperate ploy to keep the “Duck Dynasty” controversy alive, political analyst Michael Eric Dyson was able to combine each of these disingenuous tactics to skewer the right.

Appearing with host Joy Reid, the fringe pundit expressed some outrageous views of Christian faith that only prove he has no idea what type of love millions of Americans have for their Savior. Responding to Reid’s leading question regarding the brouhaha over reality star Phil Robertson’s biblical comments on homosexuality, Dyson suggested a man expressing his love for Christ seems gay.

The same men who will stand up in a church of all men [and say] ‘I put my God Jesus above all women, I love him more than I love her,’” he responded in his disjointed, staccato style. “Hmmm, do you really? That sounds interestingly homoerotic to people who are outside your religious traditions.”

While he throws in a catch-all disclaimer that he is “not suggesting it is” homoerotic, Dyson cited what he called “interesting subtle narrative tensions within the Bible itself.”

Of course, his gross mischaracterization of Christian love would be seen as patently absurd by the vast majority of Americans. These rational individuals, however, are not in MSNBC’s target demographic.

In the same interview, Dyson suggested Christians such as Robertson are often guilty of “using Jesus and making Jesus cosign all of this bigotry here.”

While there are unquestionably bigots on either side of the political aisle, Dyson’s vicious attack on Christianity is far more hateful than anything Robertson has ever publicly stated.  Once again, the ‘tolerant’ left is less concerned about including minorities than it is about excluding any conservative view.

Dyson, no amateur when it comes to making outrageously ill-informed generalizations, further lambasted “many of the Christians” as anti-Semitic despite the fact that “Jesus was a Jew around whom a religion was made.”
To cap off an already absurd rant, he tossed in an allegation of racism for good measure. No MSNBC interview is complete without it.
He said conservatives “use Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks and any other black person you can think” as “test cases for their own bigotry.”
Dyson and many other kneejerk leftists expect the majority to simply absorb their endless stream of ad hominem invective. When a principled individual such as Robertson stands up to defend himself, he is roundly pilloried for it.
Luckily, millions of Americans see through the ruse. Watch the exchange below:

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