Thursday, April 28, 2016

Here More Proof That Male's Being In Women Rest-Room and Dressing Room IS An Is Bad Idea And Liberal Say Nothing Happening? Really Pittsburgh Greensburg Man Cliam To Be A Lesbian? Who Photographed Cheerleaders

Greensburg man charged with posing as a woman so he could photograph high school cheerleaders was ordered yesterday to stand trial.

Robert Domasky, a 48-year-old newspaper delivery man who goes by the name Kelly Dawn Hullenbaugh, was charged with stalking, forgery, fraud, identity theft, tampering with public records, and trespassing in September.

Domasky appeared before Greensburg District Justice James Albert at a preliminary hearing yesterday.

Domasky was arrested Sept. 3 after custodians spotted a man in women's clothing outside the girls' locker room at Greensburg Salem High School.

Police later searched his Otterman Street apartment and found cheerleader uniforms, yearbooks, pompoms, and photos of the man dressed in majorette and cheerleading uniforms.

Police also found birth certificates, yearbooks, drivers licenses, credit cards, and other documents identifying him as other women whom the suspect had met in the past.

Greensburg Patrolman John Swank testified that Domasky told him he is "sexually attracted to women, that [he] considers [himself] a woman."

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