Tuesday, April 12, 2016

This is not a woman, you fools. Sincerely, Science I thought you liberals were all about science. Guess not., SO The Liberal Think That You Put Tits And Puss On A Male Body That A Real Women? You Liberal Are All calling Bruce Jenner Clone's Real Women You Liberal Idiot, Tell Me Again Liberal Why Your Opposite Sex Attraction IS So Confused?

Why, liberals tell us, do we need to believe everything they say about global warming and creation (or the lack thereof, according to them)? Because of science! Science says the Earth is warming and it’s man’s fault! (Not counting the scientists who dissent, but the left tells us not to listen to them.) Science says there was no intelligent creator and that that crazy creationists who think the earth is only 6,000 years old are wrong. (Actually the Bible says nothing that requires us to believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old, but that’s a topic for another day.)
The left would have you believe that conservatives hate science because we ignore it when it disproves what we desperately want to believe, whereas liberals also go on the scientific facts and never on notions based solely in ideology.

Which brings us to the bathroom. Yeah. I know. Not my preference either, but it seems to be the left’s obsession of the moment - insisting as they do that anyone who decides they “identify” as a gender other than the one they were born with not only is owed our complete acceptance of this nation, but should even be permitted to head right into the opposite public bathroom to the one he’s always used, because hey, that’s how he identifies!
And why is this guy a woman? Because that’s how he feels. That’s good enough for liberals, which is a strange thing because you know what absolutely does not back them up? Science. (I was going to call science their god, but actually that’s government.)
Take Bruce Jenner, who insists on calling himself Caitlyn and may or may not have had his male genitalia surgically mutilated. Does that make him a woman? You may insist he’s whatever he says he is, but science says something else. He does not have a womb. He does not have ovaries. He does not have a period. Granted, your typical woman in her 60s wouldn’t, but in the case of a “transgender” dude it’s not because of menopause. It’s because he’s a dude.
Bruce Jenner has children, but he is not their mother. He’s their father. Because he’s a dude. This is scientific fact and it’s not subject to any serious debate. Just because you mutiliate the parts of you that make you male - or pretend you don’t have them - doesn’t mean you have suddenly become something else.
What this whole bathroom thing demonstrates is that the left only uses “science” as a prop when they think it serves their purposes - and even then they’re perfectly willing to corrupt what science really is in order to fit it into their ideological agenda. There’s no such thing, for example, as “settled science” because scientific notions are always subject to challenge. Science is a way of learning things, not an unassailable doctrine of things we must accept uncritically.
If we must accept global warming and a universe without a creator - because science! - but men aren’t really men and fetuses aren’t really people because you like it better that way, then shut up about science. You’re not serious about it and never were.

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