Friday, June 10, 2016

Confused Genders, you were not born in wrong body, No Kidding!


This January, 2013, Rome study I've been writing about (ref below) has turned the transgender world upside down.

One of the researchers who conducted a study years ago that hypothesized transgenders had a physical marker in their genes writes me and says this about the latest Rome study:
Dear Mr. Heyer,
As professionals, we have failed those with gender identity problems miserably. This study was provocative since the H-Y antigen was what was believed to determine sex. However, as you see, in this study by 10 or so authors, that was retracted.
This researcher who wrote me is a person of amazing integrity, uncommon today but wonderful to see.

It is easy for me to understand that over time studies would emerge providing such results when you consider the 30% suicide rate, de-transitions, and regret. The surgery foisted on us transgenders has failed far too many, miserably destroying thousands of individuals, families and now even children.
At least now we know why so many commit suicide and regret the surgery--because the treatment was never the help we all needed in the first place.

Source:  Department of Experimental Medicine, Lombardo F, Toselli L, Grassetti D, Paoli D, Masciandaro P, Valentini F, Lenzi A, Gandini L, Policlinico "Umberto I", Jan 2013, University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy,
Walt Heyer

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