Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Al Sharpton, Joy-Ann Reid Remain Huge New York Tax Delinquents

MSNBC national correspondent Joy-Ann Reid has yet to pay off her still open nearly $5,000 tax warrant that attracted a good bit of attention last year. Ditto for the nearly $600,000 for two tax warrants that New York lists for MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton.
Here is the backstory.
“In September 2013, New York issued a state tax warrant to Neblett and his wife, Rita Nakouzi, for $46,862.68,” she reported. “Six months later, the state issued an additional warrant to the couple for $12,849.87.”

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/31/al-sharpton-joy-ann-reid-remain-huge-new-york-tax-delinquents/#ixzz4AGEVlDQS

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