Friday, May 20, 2016

: College Stands Up to Obama Toilet Terrorists and Does THIS for a Hero -

Earlier this week, we reported on how so called "Toilet Terrorists" took an American hero's job. What happened? Decorated American hero Lt. Gen Jerry Boykin made a funny joke about delivering street justice to any pervert who followed his kids into a bathroom and was sacked in a sacrificial offering to the P.C. gods. 

Well, there's good news. It appears the school has realized they made a tremendous mistake. As Todd Starnes reports:
When given the choice of standing alongside a decorated military hero or a bunch of militant LGBT activists – choose wisely.

The leadership of Hampden-Sydney College learned that lesson the hard way.

On May 19 I reported to you that the Virginia all-male college had chosen not to renew retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin’s contract – ending his stellar, nine-year career teaching leadership and ethics.

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Less than six hours later, the college reversed its decision and offered the retired general a one-year contract.

“Hampden-Sydney College is a fine school with a proud history of young men who have led our country, and I am honored to be a part of shaping the next generation of leaders,” Boykin told me. “I would like to thank the leadership of Hampden-Sydney College for the courage they have demonstrated in reversing their decision and allowing me to remain a part of the Hampden-Sydney community.”

The LGBT activists had wanted Hampden-Sydney to fire Boykin over a joke he made to a gathering of conservatives. They accused him of advocating for violence against gays and transgender people.

“The first man who goes into the restroom with my daughter will not have to worry about surgery,” Boykin told the crowd.

The college acknowledged that LGBT activists had contacted the school – but denied their concerns were the “determining factor” in not renewing Boykin’s contract.
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