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10 People S.J.W Hate With a Seething Fury, But S.J.W Are All Way's Telling US There Trying To Stop, Hate? Hate Card Double Standard, Big Shock There! Proving That S.J.W Are Idiot's!

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if you’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to attempt a polite discussion with your typical Liberal you’ll quickly find how full of hatred and venom they are. You can actually gauge how effective you are at defending your point of view, by how quickly they start calling you names. But their most intense hatred they reserve for a few people who they especially loathe.

1. Sarah Palin
Starting with the birth of her fifth child, who has Down’s Syndrome, and who Liberals still insist should have been aborted, Sarah Palin drew the wrath of Liberaldom in a special way. When John McCain picked her for his running mate for the 2008 elections, the Liberals showed the world exactly how vile and hateful they could be. She remained in the public eye since resigning as governor of Alaska, to save the state from the continuous onslaught of frivolous ethics complaints against her, so she could still be a part of national politics. She continues to have a large following and her remarks on current events are heard, shared and circulated on many TV networks
2. Phil Robertson
He’d escaped the notice of most Liberals until his infamous GQ interview. His comments there were so obvious, logical and straight forward that Liberals all but had a collective aneurism. A&E, the network that airs Duck Dynasty, learned a quick lesson about kowtowing to Liberals when their pretend suspension of Phil led to massive calls for boycotts of the network. Phil continues to offer his sage observations of politics and world events to the churning chagrin of Liberals across the country. His continuing admonition for people to love one another, really gets their goat.

3. Michelle Duggar
The matriarch of the Duggar family from the reality TV show “19 Kids and Counting” having 19 kids who she homeschools would be more than enough to make Michelle loathed by Liberals. But add to that her soft-spoken, yet firm Christian beliefs, her approach to male-female relationship boundaries that her children uniformly accept and agree with and her advocacy for pro-life, pro-family and pro-marriage issues, makes her even more hated and despised by Liberals. It takes a special kind of hatemonger to be venomous towards a gentle wife and mother who rarely has anything negative to say about anyone, but then Liberals are “special”, aren’t they?

4. Tim Tebow
You may notice a trend in this list toward outspoken Christians. Liberals really, really hate Christianity (the real version, not the fake versions they have invented) because Christianity stands for everything Liberals hate.because Christianity stands for everything Liberals hate. Love, forgiveness, mercy, obedience, grace, compassion, responsibility, boundaries. Tim Tebow’s success, according to him, comes from his desire to perform and excel for the glory of God. Any success he has he wants to present as an offering to God. The problem is, to Liberal the state (or should we call it “the collective”) is god, and honoring any other god is unforgivable blasphemy to them.

5. Rush Limbaugh
While it’s doubtful that you’re surprised at Rush being on this list, you are probably surprised that he’s #5 instead of #1. Liberals have been hating Rush for decades, and so all their whining and complaining about him has grown old. They still do it, but hardly anyone is listening any more. Eventually people actually take the time to listen to Rush, and wonder why all the fuss. Yes, he’s conservative. Yes, he disagrees with Liberals. But he also makes a lot of sense. Even the wild claims Liberals make about Rush saying this or saying that, eventually pan out to be either complete fabrications, or Rush quoting someone else saying it. (Rush never said Chelsea Clinton was ugly; he pointed out Liberals who said it. Then Liberals accused him of saying what they said, and that’s who the idiots believed—the Liberals)

6 and 7. The Koch Brothers
Pronounces like “Coke”, Charles Koch is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Koch Industries and his brother David is Executive Vice President. While there are other family members with high ranking positions in the second largest privately held company in the US, they are the two that are lightening rods for Liberal hatred and venom. Harry Reid, especially, has an obsessive hostility toward the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers are actually Libertarians and support some of the things Liberals also support (same-sex marriage, legalization of marijuana, etc.) but because they also support free market capitalism, they have received the equivalent of the Liberal Fatwah.

8. Dan Cathy
Dan Truett Cathy is Chairman, President and CEO of Chick-Fil-A, the fast food chain that has committed such atrocities as closing on Sundays, paying their employees well above minimum wage and [gasp] donating to pro-family groups. Some liberal mayors have even gone so far as to try to ban Chick-Fil-A from opening new restaurants in their city, because of the private political actions of the company’s founders and leaders. So far Liberals have managed to drive customers to the restaurants, by calling for boycotts. Liberals have yet to realize that when they call a boycott on a company, that’s a signal to the other 80% of the nation that’s it’s probably a decent company worth doing business with.

9. David Green
Founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, David Green has drawn the vitriol and hatred of Liberals because he refuses to allow Obama to run roughshod over his religious freedom. While Hobby Lobby provides healthcare benefits to its employees, which includes most contraceptives, they refuse to cover the 4 contraceptives that are abortifacients (kills a viable embryo). Because of that Liberals accuse David Green, personally, of denying women healthcare. See what they did there? Those Liberals loooooooove their false dichotomies. Either Hobby Lobby pays for children to be aborted … or … David Green hates women. We know there is no either/or with Liberals. They hate David Green and Hobby Lobby.

10. YOU!
Do you vote only after researching the candidates and finding the ones that actually do what you expect them to do? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that the state exists to serve the needs of the individual, and not the other way around? Then Liberals hates you. Do you believe that Black people are just as intelligent, hard working and industrious as people of any other race and therefore do not need special handouts in order to achieve anything? Then Liberals hate you. Do you believe that people should accept the consequences of their own decisions? Then Liberals hate you. Don’t worry, if Liberals hate you, wear that with pride.

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