Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Public High School Censors Student's Article Criticizing S.J.W Safe Spaces

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a student at a public high school in upstate New York was, fittingly, told his article addressing the dangers of "safe spaces" in school settings was "too harsh" to be published in the school's paper, Spartan Expressions
New Hartford High School junior Richard Falvo told The Daily Wire that he submitted a piece called "Why New Hartford Needs To Stop Labeling Classrooms As 'Safe Spaces'" for his "Prime Time Politics" column in advance for approval, but was met with strong pushback.

"I write a column titled 'Prime Time Politics' where I address my opinion about various political events," Falvo told The Daily Wire. "This past week I decided to write about why I believe safe spaces are a threat to both the education of students and why they also hinder a teacher's ability to teach. However, my school wanted nothing to do with my opinion. After multiple English teachers and faculty members at the head of the school discussed my article, they came to the conclusion that the tone of my article could be 'too harsh' for some students to read."

In other words, Falvo's piece suggesting "safe space" culture can seriously hinder learning by censoring ideas was censored.

"Safe spaces directly hinder a student’s ability to explore and learn new ideas of thought," Falvo argues in the unpublished piece. "This is evident from the fact that avoiding controversial or offensive opinions leave a student who chooses a safe space uninformed about the opposing side of a subject."

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