Saturday, April 22, 2017

March for Science Draws Thousands To Capitol, Your Telling US That This March for Science , Was To Prove Gender Identity. And Give US The Hard Science To Prove This ?

 An estimated 10,000-15,000 people have assembled for the local March for Science, part of a series of rallies held globally in support of the sciences?

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 'The March for Science'; Let's take a look at Gender Identity.   One's most innermost concept of Self, as male or female,  or Attempt to blend both ;  Now that may be all well and good, but when talking about the March for Science, the right question to ask. Where is the science to prove this ?  No matter how many times the Party of Science is asked .. for Hard Science to prove this, we get nothing back as Proof to back this claim. What  do we get back from the Party of Science ? They try to Shut Down all debate on Singular Gender  Identity;  "Why, good question? "  If there is HARD Science, then there's no reason to shut down all debate; "would you not agree," Party of Science ?  You may not feel  'Science' needs to prove it with Hard Science ,  but , let's look at some questions:  Where dose D.N.A. Science play a roll , when it comes to Gender Identity? 

 Other Questions  to ask  would,  or ' might be ';   likewise with Cell & Molecular Biology;  Where dose it play a leading roll, when It come to Gender Identity? Where dose the science , or biology play a roll , when it comes to Male and Female Gender Identity? s   Looking at some real facts of science;   Where dose problem-solving, and decision-making, of Male and Females,  play in the science of .. Proving .. Gender Identity?  When we think about science, we want the right questions asked , 'as you do as well ,   But now, let's look to science ..  and see what we get.   Are there 25 Biological differences between Men and Women that are commonly known, " science can prove ?"  that is there no biological differences between Men and Women ? ;  and with men  and women's brains ?   "Are they indeed wired in fundamentally different ways ?   Can science prove that our brains are NOT wired in fundamentally different ways ? :"   So , .. where dose medical science play a roll  .. in puberty development of girls and boys ?  Have We Forgotten about NATURE :  the March for Science ...  Indeed!.

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